Boruto Explains How Shojoji's Forbidden Jutsu Works

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially entered the exciting portion of the manga's "Mujina Bandits Arc". In the latest episode of the anime, "The Value of a Hidden Ace", we finally get a full formal introduction to the Mujina Gang's leader, Shojoji, and the gangster shinobi is even more grotesque in animated form than he was on the manga page. With Shojoji's introduction we also got a taste (pun) of his horrific forbidden jutsu technique, which comes with the ominous name of "Corpse Clone" technique. The only thing worse than getting the name "Corpse Clone" was finding how just how Shojoji's forbidden jutsu works!

Warning Boruto episode 150 SPOILERS Follow!

Shojoji's Corpse Clone technique is like something straight out of a horror flick, rather than an anime. The Mujina Leader's jutsu works by having him eat the victim's living brain in the manner of a human serpent. Once the victim has been ingested, Shojoji gains access to his/her memories, abilities, and physical form. The anime version of Shojoji has even more power over the technique than his manga counterpart, as he was able to maintain his disguise as Tsukiyo at Hozuki Castle, despite being branded with a Heavenly Prison release prevents chakra use. Shojoji seems to be able to cancel the technique by plucking hairs from his head while in disguise.

By the time we can an explanation of Corpse Clone jutsu, Shojoji has already killed and impersonated Tento's loyal butler, Yamaoka. Using that disguise, he lures Tento into a trap, and takes the young boy hostage. While taunting Tento, Shojoji reveals that his plan is to eat Tento and take his place, in order to get close to the boy's father, Ikkyu Madoka, daimyo of the Land of Fire. After getting embedded with Ikkyu, Shojoji can then eat the daimyo and copy him, gaining control of the entire Land of Fire.


As the episode ends, things don't look so good for Tento, as Shojoji starts to eat the kid. Thankfully, Boruto Shows up just in time to stop the process. Of course, since none of his teammates actually know where he is, it's now Boruto and Tento versus a ruthless killer ninja, and his gang.

How do you feel about Shojoji's big debut in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime? How are you liking the anime's take on the Mujina Bandits arc so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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