Dragon Ball Fans Give Roshi The Perfect Naughty Cosplay

Master Roshi is an effective albeit perverted mentor. He managed to make both Son Goku and Krillin into the warriors that they are today, but just can't seem to beat his obsession with women. Whenever Roshi sees an attractive woman in his path, his nose will spout blood and he'll be unable to operate. Though he managed to overcome this "weakness" during the Tournament of Power, its clear that Roshi will always have an affinity for women much younger than himself despite his martial arts prowess. One fan decided to bring this ridiculous scene to life with their own Master Roshi Dragon Ball cosplay!

Reddit User MasterLea93 posted this amazing cosplay with Roshi enjoying scantily clad women in one of his favorite magazines with his trademark bloody nose to boot:

Master Roshi at Anime Expo 2019 from r/dbz

Master Roshi has been with the Z Fighter gang since nearly the beginning, appearing after several episodes had passed in the original Dragon Ball series. Aside from growing both Goku and Krillin's power levels through intense martial arts training, such as carrying milk crates across a dangerous terrain, he also introduced the series to one of the most well knock moves of the series: "The Kamehameha". After showing off the move and boosting his elderly body to that of a bodybuilder, everyone was shocked when a short time later, Goku managed to perform the same move with little to no effort.

Master Roshi Dragon Ball
(Photo: Funimation Productions, LLC)

Roshi himself is actually immortal, showing why despite his old age he continues to appear in the Dragon Ball franchise, even becoming an instrumental figure in Dragon Ball Super. While his immortality was gained from a phoenix of all things, it does not mean that he can't be killed by conventional means, only that old age can't be the thing to do him in. The phoenix that granted him immortality was actually his pet for a time, but once he fed it "tainted bird seeds", it unfortunately died.


What do you think of this amazing Dragon Ball cosplay showing off Master Roshi in his "true form"? Do you expect Roshi to play a larger part as Dragon Ball Super continues in its manga format? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!

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