Dragon Ball Super Finally Sees Beerus Give Goku Some Respect

Dragon Ball Super began with one big rivalry: Lord Beerus vs. Goku. The God of Destruction challenged the Saiyan hero like no one in the Dragon Ball Z era ever had, forcing Goku to break into an entire level of Super Saiyan Godly power. Since "Battle of Gods" Beerus and Goku have maintained a tenuous friendship - though Beerus is always clear to establish that he still the divine power who is superior to Goku in every way. But thanks to the latest developments of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus is finally having to concede that Goku is indeed a unique power worthy of respect!

Warning Dragon Ball Super Manga 64 SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 64, Goku finally achieves the state of "Perfected Ultra Instinct," after being pushed into the limit break by the death of his mentor, Merus, while battling new villain Moro. However, Merus taught Goku that Ultra Instinct requires a fighter to achieve perfect calm and focus in the heat of extreme battler and emotion. With the power erupting from him, Goku must quickly figure out how to harness and channel it into the power of Perfected Ultra Instinct.

While Goku tries to master his own spirit and focus in the heat of battle, Whis, and Lord Beerus observe from nearby. The angel lured the God of Destruction into the battle with Moro, though Beerus refuses to directly intervene in the fight. As Goku wrestles with Ultra Instinct, Whis and Beerus debate whether the Saiyan hero can truly master a state that even the gods themselves (including Beerus) struggle with. Of course, this is Dragon Ball, so naturally, Goku achieves his goal, and finally manifests the full stable form of Perfected Ultra Instinct.

With the full Ultra Instinct at his disposal, is able to put a serious beating on Moro. Gokudemonstrates both the faster-than-thought offensive and defensive capabilities of Ultra Instinct, and its energy manipulation attacks. Goku even lays Moro out with an Ultra Instinct upgrade of the Super Dragon Punch. With Moro totally thrashed and left reeling, Beerusmust finally gives Gokusome proper respect, as he comments on the Saiyan's performance:

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Gives Goku Respect Ultra Instinct Manga 64 Spoilers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

"Perfectly done," Beerus says.

That response certainly gets marked by Whis, who notes, "Oh? A rare bit of respect from you?"

"Respect where it's due," Beerus begrudgingly admits.


This moment is a fun little character turn for Dragon Ball Super fans, as Beerus and Goku's rivalry is what started this series. However, Beerus is just the first of the gods to admit that something significant has just changed: Goku is now on a level where he is a legitimate threat to the gods. That opens up all kinds of new possibilities for the series that fans are psyched for.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.