'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Gohan Will Tag-Team With [SPOILER]

Dragon Ball Super just saw an intense battle between the Universe 7 team and the Universe 3's secret weapon, Aniraza, but the preview for episode 122 promises to make things even more intensive, as we enter into the final battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11!

As Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Universe 7 team attempt to take down Dyspo, Toppo, and the big threat of Jiren, the battle will require some unlikely team-ups, and one of the more intriguing ones we've just heard about is none other than Gohan and Freeza!

A leaked synopsis for episode 124 (via Animeida) reads as such:

"Goku and Vegeta challenge Jiren together, but even teamed up their attacks have hardly any effect. Instead, Jiren seems to be raising his battle power even higher. Meanwhile, Universe 7's Son Gohan goes to help out Freeza as he battles Universe 11's Dyspo."


So there you have it: we'll soon be getting a tag-team match with Freeza and Gohan fighting side-by-side. It's admittedly a long way to have from that moment when a child-aged Gohan faced Freeza on Namek, all those years ago. With their combined power (and very different outlooks), Gohan and Freeza are an odd pairing that we hope will become meme-worthy after episode 124 airs.

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