Dragon Ball Super Theory Predicts Moro and Merus' Godly Connection

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga arc has grown into a full-fledged fan-favorite storyline, which has greatly expanded not only the world and mythos of Dragon Ball Super, but that of Dragon Ball Z, as well. In addition, the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc has introduced some compelling new characters to the series - two, to be specific. On the one hand, we've met a powerful new villain in the form of "Planet-Eater Moro," an ancient sorcerer with frightening magical abilities; on the other hand we've met Merus, the most elite agent in the Galactic Patrol, who has teased abilities far beyond that of a normal mortal. Now, one Dragon Ball Super theory predicts that the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc could end with the big reveal of Moro and Merus sharing a deeper connection than anyone would've guessed.

The theory (which is circulating Reddit in different forms) basically posits that Moro and Merus each have characteristics that are too similar to other beings in the Dragon Ball universe to ignore. The theory that Merus is from the race of angels that Whis belongs to has become a pretty persistent one; now, it seems that theory has evolved to include Moro as well.

Basically, the "Merus Angel Theory" posits that Merus is either a "fallen" angel of some sort, or from a timeline that was ultimately erased by Grand Zeno, and has come to Universe 7 for some sort noble purpose or reckoning, using the angelic powers at his disposal, as well as the technology of the Galactic Patrol. Merus' particular fascination with Moro has therefore led to theories that the two characters go back further than Merus has let on, giving rise to the theory that Moro is actually the reason that Merus' universe was destroyed. While Merus hasn't mentioned as much, he clearly knows all too well about Moro, right from the start, and is one of the only characters to show prowess in facing the villain in battle - again suggesting that he's done so before. Some fans theorize that Moro is rogue destroyer and Moro is a rogue angel pursuing him, which is one main prediction of this theory.

The other version of this theory is that Merus is a divine being who lost his way, but that even if Moro is n't some rogue Destroyer, he could soon become one! Basically, that version of the theory predicts that the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc will end with Goku and Vegeta not being able to beat Moro so much as earn his respect, and earn their world and/or universe a reprieve from being drained of life. However, we know from the storyline that Moro has a major grudge against the kais, and theory is that the villain will ultimately destroy Kaoshin as a way of settling that grudge, and ending a potential threat against him. The death of Kaoshin would simultaneously result in the death of the Destroyer Kaoshin is linked to - i.e., Beerus! With Beerus gone, a new Destroyer would need to be anointed, and it would be a huge twist if Moro became that new Destroyer.

The villain already has a god-like view of things, not bothering to kill Goku and Vegeta when he had the chance, because they were too far beneath him. If Moro became the Universe 7 Destroyer, theory is that Merus would end up being his angel attendant, if for no other reason than to keep Moro in line and on the proper path of a Destroyer.


It's a pretty wild theory, but one that could give the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc a major status-quo-changing impact on the series. Do you think it holds any weight?

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