'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Touch Upon The Tournament Of Power's Wish

This week has rolled in some big changes for the Dragon Ball fandom. New reports have changed what fans know about the anime and manga of Dragon Ball Super, but what hasn't changed is its impending finale. This month will see the anime series air its final episode (for the time being, at least), and new spoilers are out for the release.

So, obviously, we're heading into spoiler territory below. You've been warned!

Not long ago, a set of new synopses for Dragon Ball Super went live in Japan. TV Station revealed the blurbs abroad, and fan-translators were quick to turn them around. Now, the Internet is eyeing the summary for episode 131, and its final note has grabbed attention.

The new blurbs are pretty bland, but their note for episode 131 ends on a high note. Translations reveals the synopsis specifically refers to the extra special wish that will be granted to whoever wins the Tournament of Power.

"What wish will the victor have granted with the Super Dragon Balls," the summary teases.

Of course, fans have invested a lot of interest into this wish. The Tournament of Power has been an action-packed feud for dozens of the multiverse's top warriors. The characters were all fighting for the survival of their universes, but there was an added bonus for them to reach towards. The winner of the event will get their hands on the Super Dragon Balls, so everyone has incentive to be the last man standing. Right now, that honor will go to either Goku, Freeza, or Jiren - and fans think they know who will get the items.

In a formerly released blurb, fans learned that Jiren would knock Goku from the Tournament of Power arena. However, the Pride Trooper will get caught by surprise when Freeza makes a sudden comeback. If the Universe 7 fighter manages to ring out Jiren, Universe 11 will be annihilated by the Omni-Kings, and Freeza will be the one who gets his wish granted by the Super Dragon Balls.


Which fighter do you think will get their hands on the Super Dragon Balls? What should they wish for? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!