Fans Celebrate The Anniversay Of Gundam Wing's Toonami Debut

Cartoon Network's Toonami has become one of the biggest launching ground for anime properties in the North America, and fans are taking time to celebrate the original debut date of one of its biggest franchises: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing! Perhaps the most popular Gundam series outside of the original anime, Gundam Wing followed a band of young pilots attempting to end a war between the United Earth Sphere Alliance and the Space Colonies that threatens to swallow humanity in endless bloodshed. With the Gundam series helping put the programming block of Toonami on the map, it's no surprise to see fans celebrate its arrival date!

Gundam Wing first premiered on March 6th, 2000, with this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut. The series not only was the biggest Gundam release for the programming block of Toonami, it also ushered in an "uncut" airing that would take place at around midnight each night, setting the ground work for uncensored versions of anime as well as the insanely popular Adult Swim block that would become a paramount within the channel of Cartoon Network. With the series having its fair share of blood and adult scenarios, it's no surprise to see that an "uncut version" was necessary to give fans the full experience!

The Nerdist shared the reminder of Gundam Wing's debut date on their Official Twitter Account, spawning a number of responses from fans looking to celebrate the arrival of the mech flying series that helped propel Toonami's popularity among anime fans and general audiences alike:


Gundam Wing set itself apart from other anime series in the popular mech franchise by focusing on a band of pilots that sported some fantastically designed, unique to their personality, Gundams that they used in their bid to bring peace to the universe. For example, the Gundam Wing Zero, Gundam Deathscythe, Gundam Heavy Arms, and Gundam Shenlong were unlike anything seen in any of the anime series focusing on these mechs before. It was because of these unique robotic suits, and the personalities of the characters, that Gundam Wing became so beloved among fans and remains so to this day!

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