Has My Hero Academia Already Teased The End of Deku and Shigaraki?

Things are getting drastic in My Hero Academia right now. The manga has begun an all-out war between the Pro Heroes and the villains, and even the anime has introduced fans to the deepening mystery of Izuku Midoriya's One For All power. With the stakes of My Hero Academia quickly getting bigger and more serious, fans have been speculating like crazy about where the conflict between Deku and his rival Tomura Shigaraki is headed. With both characters on the verge of serious power upgrades, it seems like a key subplot of My Hero Academia may soon come into play.

Has My Hero Academia already teased the end of both Deku and Shigaraki? The writing may already be on the wall...

Season 4 of My Hero Academia's anime has brought the theory of Quirk Singularity back into focus, with its arc about a young generation of quirk users needing guidance. It was in that storyline where the theory of Quirk Singularity was introduced: basically, in My Hero Academia's world, each new generation is born with increasingly powerful quirks, as a result of their parents' powers mixing together. The theory goes that eventually, quirks will combine in increasing strength and complexity, until they eventually spiral out of control for good. It's presented as being a doomsday prediction about where quirk evolution is headed - but it could turn out that the breaking point is already here.

Given what All For One has done with experimenting with quirk combination (see: the new Intelligent Nomu), it's not hard to think that quirk evolution has been pushed further, faster, than anyone expected. And there's certainly major clues Deku and Shigaraki are each the manifestation of that breaking point. For Deku, One For All has been revealing greater powers that Midoriya (and not even All Might) never considered - including all of the quirks that previous One For All users held. For Shigaraki, the mental handicaps that All For One placed on him have fallen away, and the insane young man has reconnected with his tragic past, as the true destructive scope of his power has come to light. (Mild Spoiler) In fact, right now in the manga, Shigaraki is having his disintegration power pushed to the max by All For One's disciple Dr. Ujiko, and the Shigaraki who comes out of that lab could be the most destructive quirk user the world has ever seen.

If Shigaraki becomes the unholy nightmare that is expected, then Deku may have to unleash more of One For All's power than he ever thought possible, to stop his rival. Even if Izuku survives that somehow (Eri?), the amount of power he reveals may still spell his doom - or the larger doom of quirks consuming the world.


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