My Hero Academia Reveals Gentle Criminal's Fate in New Post Credits Scene

With the Cultural Festival finally arriving and Class 1-A delivering a performance that brought down the house, the question of what Gentle Criminal's fate would be has been revealed! In My Hero Academia's fourth season, the opening story arc followed our young heroes as they struggled against the Yakuza-led Overhaul, with the students of UA Academy encountering the young girl Eri who was being used for the villain's nefarious plans. While this most recent arc is far more light hearted than the prior, Gentle was still a worthy opponent to Midoriya and made his mark on the series!

Midoriya was able to defeat Gentle Criminal in a one on one fight, even with the latter being given a power boost thanks to the Quirk of La Brava. With Gentle's ability to change the elasticity of objects around himself, Deku was perplexed at how he could stop this nefarious duo from attempting to achieve their goal of disrupting the Cultural Festival. Luckily, Deku defeated the silver haired villain but not before he learned more of Gentle's back story.

Gentle Criminal began as an aspiring professional hero, unable to earn his license and fumbling every attempt he had tried when it came to being a super hero. In order to make a name for himself, Gentle decided to become a villain instead and tried to get his name known across the world through the use of the internet. As he was joined by an infatuated young girl named La Brava, his powers increased thanks to her Quirk though his crimes still were somewhat ridiculous in nature.

Gentle, at the start of this latest episode, finds himself in the clutches of the teachers at UA Academy and is shown in the post credit scene of the installment being interrogated by the authorities. With this elastic manipulating villain attempting to take on all the blame for his crimes so that La Brava could be freed from potential imprisonment.


Gentle is now completely broken, most likely never venturing again in the world of super villainy and we learn this fact because when he is asked what he would like to drink by the primate officer holding him captive, he simply asks for black tea, instead of the usual elegant drinks he would usually partake in.

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