New 'My Hero Academia' Spoilers Tease A Major Death

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia’s 161st chapter lie below!Anime fans are still [...]

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia's 161st chapter lie below!

Anime fans are still waiting for My Hero Academia to drop its third season, but manga readers have a much different wait ahead of them. The manga is winding down its 'Internship' arc now that Izuku defeated Chisaki, but the story isn't over yet. So, if some new spoilers are correct, then My Hero Academia still has to kill someone off before it can wrap its current story.

Over on Reddit, Yonkou Productions shared spoilers they received for My Hero Academia's upcoming chapter. The manga insider came across a page of chapter 161, and the scan shows a tragedy unfolding before Mirio Togata.

According to Yonkou Productions' spoiler, Mirio is about to watch his mentor pass away. The up-and-coming hero has been working under Sir Nighteye for years now, but the Pro Hero is in a very bad way after fighting Chisaki. Sir Nighteye was impaled during his standoff with the Eight Precepts of Death leader, and Mirio will apparently rush to see his mentor at the hospital. It is there the boy will beg Sir Nighteye to stay around, but the Pro Hero will only ask for forgiveness.

Fans have translated the page's conversation between Mirio and Sir Nighteye - and it does not look good. The latter leaves off telling Mirio he's become a better hero than any before him, and fans are sobbing over the heart-wrenching confession.

After all, Mirio has had one rough time as of late. The hero debuted in the 'Internship' arc and become a quick favorite with fans. The bright hero had been a favorite to take up One For All, but Mirio's path led him to work under Sir Nighteye. The duo had a trusting relationship built up, and fans were devastated when Mirio lost his Quirk during his battle with Chisaki. To save Eri, the hero gave up his most precious gift to keep a promise, and it seems like Mirio really will lose his mentor when My Hero Academia's next chapter goes live.

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