My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Reveals When Shigaraki's Last Stand Will Come

My Hero Academia's latest manga cliffhanger has set the set stage for Tomura Shiagraki's last stand. The current arc of My Hero Academia has brought Izuku Midoriya into the full power of One For All at a drastic pivot point. While Deku has power-up, his nemesis All For One has broken out of jail and taken Shigaraki hostage to pull off his master plan: upgrading Shigaraki's powers and then using the young boy's body and deadly quirk as a vessel, which will finally give All For One the power needed to finally siphon One For All!

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga have been focused on Deku's struggle to hunt down All For One before he can complete the power enhancement process on Shigaraki's body. That fight (against the hordes of killers and mercenaries that All For One released from prison nearly broke Izuku - and if not for the insistence of help from of his friends in Class 1-A, All For One's plan to break Izuku may have worked. Now Deku is finally back in the ranks of friends, family, and mentors, safe behind U.A.'s walls while he regains his strength. 

However, My Hero Academia Chapter 327 gives us - in no uncertain terms - a timeline of when the nightmare version of "Plus Ultra Shigraki" will be unleashed on the world: in a month (or less) of the series timeline. 

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

The end of My Hero Academia Chapter 327 (the aptly named "Rest!") reveals a cut scene with Hawks, Best Jeanist and Endeavor, in which the three top pro heroes swap intel about what they know regarding All For One's timetable. Hawks has tapped All For One's captured disciple Dr. Garaki for intelligence about the Shigaraki power-boosting process: it will take two months according to Garaki, and the currently-ending arc of Deku's solo quest after the War has taken one month of time. So, as the heroes know all too well, there's now just one month left (tops) until Tomura Shigaraki will become the unstoppable weapon that All For One can use as means for his resurrection - and his conquering of the entire hero world. 

For My Hero Academia fans, creator Kohei Horikoshi is also setting something of a timetable for their expectations of the series. After all, how many more chapters of manga could you stretch things out in, before the final battle inevitably arrives? 


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