My Hero Academia's 'League of Villains' Manga One-Shot Now Available in the U.S.

My Hero Academia is the gift that keeps on giving. With the series closing in on its season four finale, all eyes are on the franchise as both its show and manga ramp up. Now, My Hero Academia is giving fans another escape outlet thanks to a special short manga which can finally be read in the U.S. thanks to Viz Media.

The special went up earlier today, and it is the short which Kohei Horikoshi wrote for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. The film hit Japan last summer, but its manga prologue is out for English fans to take in. You can read the special one-shot here so long as you have a Viz Media subscription, and it is worth the read.

For those who are curious, the manga does take place way before the movie takes place, and it is focused on Nine. Fans find the baddie in a lab just before he gets his new powers, and it is there he shares why he wants to remake the world.

It turns out Nine has a truly godly power which makes him capable of controlling the sky, but his body is damaged whenever the quirk is used. He seeks out the doctor who works with All For One to get help, and it is there Nine says he is trying to make a world where the strong do reign over the weak.

"In this world, the strong are dominated by the weak. I. Intend to return the world to how it ought to be. To do that, I need power. Enough power to reign over all and stand at the pinnacle of strength," he shares.


Of course, fans got to watch Nine after he received his new powers, and he did not get far with his plans. Nine was ultimately captured for his crimes before Shigaraki killed him post-arrest. The villain was never able to see his dream come true, and even Dr. Garaki seems to think that is for the best. Nine had a vision which aligned with the gospel Shigaraki liked hearing... but the doctor was never going to let Nine rule over someone as special as All For One's protege.

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