My Hero Academia Recap: "One For All"

My Hero Academia has finally reached the final climactic fight of the Forest Training Camp and Hideout Raid arcs between All Might and the mysterious All For One. With Bakugo now safely out of the way thanks to Midoriya's quick rescue plan, All Might and All For One are free to completely unleash their power as they put out all the stops in order to put down the other. But with All Might already at his limit, how will it all shake out?


It's going to take everything All Might has got, and he's ready to give up everything in order to win. Read on to catch up with everything that happened on the latest My Hero Academia on Toonami!

  1. All Might thinks back to how he started. A young Toshinori is telling a mysterious woman that although he is quirkless, he wants to become a symbol of peace for society. He wants to protect everyone's smiles. Midoriya and the others make it back to Kamino Ward safely with Bakugo. Midoriya knows he just would have been in the way, but is still worried about All Might.
  2. Just then, All Might remembers his master Nana Shimura as All For One begins to trash talk her. He says the way she died was pathetic, and this only enrages All Might further. Gran Torino says that it's playing out like it was before as All Might is beginning to get emotional, and must use his wits to defeat All For One.
  3. Countless people are watching the report of the fight on TV, and they are beginning to worry about All Might as well. All For One says that he hates All Might even more than All Might hates him. He wants to break him down emotionally, spiritually, and physically. He tries to attack a bystander nearby, but All Might protects him and suddenly reveals his weaker form to the public.
  4. This is what All For One was aiming for, but All Might prepares to fight with everything he has as he's still the Symbol of Peace. In order to break him down further, All For One reveals Tomura Shigaraki is actually Nana Shimura's grandson. He wanted to groom his master's descendant to hate All Might, and watch how All Might breaks down after he's been knowingly defeated her grandson with a smile this entire time.
  5. All Might remembers his master's teachings as she's the one that taught All Might to always keep a smile. He screams because he wonders what she would say if she saw how he and Shigaraki turned out, and the people watching cry out as they are beginning to lose hope in All Might. Midoriya, Bakugo, along with everyone else gather their strength to cry out once more.
  6. This gives All Might one final push and gathers all his strength in his right arm. He looks inside himself, and remembers his master's teachings to keep his origins in mind. He remembers that he wants to create a world of smiles, and his distorted form is the last remnants of his One For All strength. All For One gathers all of his power together. But Endeavor shows up, and is wondering what happened to All Might as well.
  7. Endeavor is frustrated as he's worked so hard to surpass All Might, and only grew angrier and took it out on his family. He tries to cheer on All Might once more, and the other heroes begin to rescue the bystanders in the area. This gives All Might the boost he needs, and he realizes he's still the hero everyone thinks he is. All Might prepares to take one last stand against All For One.
  8. All For One uses a ton of Quirks at once, and gathers all of the power in his right arm. He plans to kill All Might, and knows that One For All has been passed on to Izuku Midoriya. All Might is using whatever stock of it he has left, and the two of them fly toward one another. Their punches clash with a heavy shockwave.
  9. All Might is pushed back, but says that he'll be a better teacher for Midoriya going forward. He gets a better footing, and switches the power from his right arm to his left. This gives him an opening to hit All For One in the face, and when All For One tries to counter, All Might gathers the last remaining strength of One For All into his right hand and he hits All For One with the United States of Smash.
  10. With All For One down, All Might takes on his muscle form and poses victoriously for one final time. His final time as the Symbol of Peace and number one hero. The next day, All For One is being arrested as All Might points to a camera. He says, "Now, it's your turn" as Midoriya realizes that he will fully be taking on the pressures of One For All from now on. His master has used up all of his power. He can't help but cry as Bakugo watches on.