My Hero Academia Season 5 Cliffhanger Makes a Fiery Introduction

My Hero Academia season 5's premiere ends with a dark post-credits scene that makes a fiery [...]

My Hero Academia season 5's premiere ends with a dark post-credits scene that makes a fiery introduction. Episode 89 of My Hero Academia's anime may not have been a recap episode - but it largely functioned like one. Instead of forward motion into the cliffhanger of season 4 (Izuku Midoriya making contact with the previous users of One For All), "All Hand on Deck! Class 1-A" sees the kids of Class 1-A getting a new level of hero training drill now that they have provisional Hero Licenses. However, when the games were done, the more serious developments in the hero and villain worlds got the spotlight...

Warning: My Hero Academia Episode 89 SPOILERS Follow!

The final season of My Hero Academia's season 5 premiere catches up with No. 2 hero Hawks, who helped Endeavor defeat the savage High-End Nomu that was attacking the city - thereby establishing Endeavor as the new symbol of hope. However, season 5 reveals that one second after Endeavor's great victory, the no. 1 hero got a dark new threat in his face: Dabi. The episode ends with the reminder that Dabi already has hooks into Endeavor via Hawks - whom Dabi is secretly working with!

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 89 Dabi Meets Endeavor Hawks Spoilers
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So far, we have no idea why Hawks is meeting with Dabi, or what kind of mutual agenda could've brought together one the no. 2 hero and one of the most sadistic killers in the villain world. It's also unclear what the timeline of this partnership is, or if it ends with just Hawks and Dabi. Is the League of Villains' psycho-pyro working alone? Or is this the larger will of Tomura Shigaraki and/or All For One we're seeing unfold?

On the other hand, Hawks meeting with Dabi and the two forming a partnership does make a certain amount of sense, given what we saw at the end of season 4. Hawks had intel about the High-End Nomu attacks that were happening around Japan - seemingly unrelated events that Hawks just-so-happened to piece together into a conspiracy to lure Endeavor into a battle. Now Dabi has pushed the No. 1 hero and knows exactly what he can do. But most fans' question will be a about the meeting of Dabi and Endeavor - and Dabi's words to the No. 1 hero!

Dabi tells Endeavor that "it's our first time meeting, right?" A question that is setting off bombs within the My Hero Academia fandom. After all the theory that Dabi is Endeavor's dead son Toya has long been one of the series strongest conversation points.

My Hero Academia season 5 is now streaming on Hulu and Funimation.