My Hero Academia Fans Fully Approve of Gentle's Dub Voice

With the Cultural Festival Arc in full swing in My Hero Academia, fans are responding insanely positively to the English Dub voice of Gentle Criminal! The classy super villain has hit the scene in the fourth season attempting to make a name for himself leveraging the power of the internet. With the help of his partner La Brava, a young girl who has the ability to power up Gentle based on the level of her own affection, the antagonist has eyes set squarely on UA Academy to continue to grow his following!

Gentle Criminal's quirk is an interesting one, allowing him to change the elasticity of any object that he targets. While this power on its own wouldn't seem like a terrifying threat when stacked up against heroes who have the power to toss boulders or release massive explosions from their finger tips, it's with La Brava's help that he is able to elevate his power to a whole new level. Gentle's dub voice is performed by John Gremillion, who has portrayed a number of other classy heroes and villains that have appeared in the medium of anime. With the likes of Mihawk from One Piece and D from Vampire Hunter D, it's clear that Gremillion has brought his fair share of distinguished anime figures to life.

Twitter User Oceaniz96 shared a clip from the most recent English Dub episode of My Hero Academia, proving that Gentle Criminal's new English voice does a fantastic job of combining both the menace of the character as well as his distinguished demeanor that sets him apart from villains like Stain and Overhaul:


While the dub has just shown Gentle Criminal in the "infancy" of his appearances in the anime, the subtitled version has shown us just what the moustached villain is planning for our heroes, setting his sights on the Cultural Festival that both Class 1A and the rest of the students at UA Academy are participating in following the brutal battle that took place against Overhaul and his Yakuza. Needless to say, expect a big fight that rivals some of the largest we've seen in the series to date as the distinguished criminal makes his way into the heroes' periphery.

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