One Piece Is Resuming Work On Its English Dub

If you are one of the many fans who binge One Piece, it is time you listened up. For a long time now, the only way to watch the anime's later arcs was with its subbed broadcast. Sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have hosted the show for years, but the latter company is ready to shake things up.

Yes, that is right. One Piece is finally putting its English dub back into production, and fans are geeking out hardcore over the reveal.

Taking to Twitter, the official One Piece page confirmed the anime will resume its English dub ASAP. Currently, the cast is recording for the Punk Hazard saga which will come out soon, and the video sees some of its stars talk about the comeback.

Justin Cook, the director of the English dub, showed up to confirm multiple teams are working on the show's dub. These multiple groups will be able to work simultaneously to publish as much of the dub as possible. As Colleen Clinkenbeard (Luffy) put it, Funimation wants to get out as much of the dub as fast as they can.

The update confirms the dub will pick up with episode 575. The first 13 episodes from there on out will be out "really soon" so fans can keep their eyes out for that update.

Of course, fans of the dub are excited to see One Piece get back into the swing of things, and it has a lot to catch up on. Currently, the anime is up to episode 907, so the team at Funimation has lots of work before them. But as they know, the One Piece fandom is a loyal one, and it is here to support the dub each step of the way.


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Eiichiro Oda's One Piece first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan. The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over 430 million copies sold. The series still ranked number one in manga sales in 2018, which surprised fans of major new entries.