Pokemon Celebrates Ash's Big Win With Huge Takeover in Tokyo

Pokemon has officially given Ash Ketchum his biggest win in the anime's 25 long years of history, and Tokyo really went all out in celebration for the new Pokemon Master's big victory! Pokemon Journeys has taken Ash on his toughest string of battles yet as he entered the World Coronation Series and took on not only many of the opponents he faced off against the past, but lots of new faces that fans had wanted to see him battle for a long time. This all built to his chance at becoming an actual world champion, and to many fans' surprise he actually won.

Ash might have won a League Championship in Alola, but winning the Masters Tournament of the World Coronation Series is his biggest win in the anime to date. Ash has become the world champion after first beginning his travels in the anime 25 years ago, and it's as big of a win for fans across the world as one would expect. It's so big in Japan, for example, that Pokemon took over Shibuya with the special news that Ash has become a Pokemon Master. Check it out below as shared through the Pokemon's anime's official Twitter account: 

What is Next for Ash in Pokemon's Anime? 

With Pokemon Journeys bringing Ash's adventure to an end with his world championship victory, there's a question as to what the anime might have planned next for the now master. With his goal to become the best finally achieved, what could he want after this? The newest anime has already experimented with shifting the focus away from Ash for a few episodes here and there, so that could be the direction for the future of the series as Ash will be focused on just improving himself from here on out. 

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It's probably far from the end for the Pokemon anime franchise overall (especially with a new generation of games coming out in just a matter of days from the time of this writing), so Ash's win is ushering in a whole new kind of future for the anime as there's really no way to predict what this new master will do next. But what are you hoping to see come from Ash's world championship win? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!