Studio Ghibli Announces Live-Action Sequel for Whisper of the Heart

It looks like Studio Ghibli is about to make another first for itself. Over the past few decades, the brand has cemented itself as one of Japan's most famous. From Spirited Away to My Neighbor Totoro, Studio Ghibli has brought all sorts of films to life. Now, it seems the company is pursuing a sequel for one of its romances, but it will not look as you'd expect.

No, not in the slightest. Whisper of the Heart may be coming out with a sequel, but it will stray from the animated medium in favor of live-action instead.

Recently, Rocket News 24 shared the sequel announcement with fans. The site confirmed the sequel is well into development with its two leads being cast. The heroine Shizuku will be played by Nana Seino while Seiji is overseen by Tori Matsuzaka. According to the report, the sequel will take place ten years after Whisper of the Heart ended and follows the characters during early adulthood.

For those who will recall, Whisper of the Heart is one of the more sentimental Studio Ghibli movies. It is all about romance as Shizuku pursues her longtime crush on Seiji, and it ends with the latter proposing to Shizuku. Of course, the pair are barely 14 when this promise is made, so this live-action sequel will explore how the young couple are doing after all these years.

The reports suggest the couple are in a rough patch when this sequel begins. Shizuku has long given up her dream of being an author and instead works as an editor at a children's literature publishing house. Seiji is working overseas to become a professional violin maker, so you can see how busy their lives have become. But when the pair being to drift too far apart, it is Shizuku who fights to rekindle their romance. Now, fans can only wait to see how this sequel fares and whether it'll live up to its anime predecessor.


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