The Ring's Sadako Turns New Leaf to Become a Famous Japanese Youtuber

If you have seen The Ring, then you know Sadako is not someone to mess with. The horror icon has [...]

If you have seen The Ring, then you know Sadako is not someone to mess with. The horror icon has become the thing of nightmares to fans worldwide, but it seems like Japan is eager to brighten her image.

After all, The Ring has gotten a super-cute manga spin, and it has turned Sadako into a bonafide star on Youtube.

Recently, Aya Tsutsumi gave Sadako a new lease on life with their comedy manga based on The Ring. The spin-off, which is titled Sadako-san to Sadako-chan, will leave horror fans as baffled as they are entertained (via ANN).

The recently published manga tells the story of a young girl named Sadako who loves all things supernatural. She spends most of her days in a closet alone until The Ring's Sadako comes to kill her. However, the ghost is shocked when the little girl isn't afraid of her; Instead, Sadako is excited to see the ghost and looks forward to her visits.

Deciding not to kill her, the older Sadako chooses to team up with the little girl and rebrand herself. They pair decideto create videos together on Youtube to make them both less scary, so this spin-off gives a very different take on the character.

After all, Sadako has become popular for her horrifying actions and past. Created by Koji Suzuki, the character was born psychic from a very unusual conception. After her powers came to light, various demonstrations led Sadako to become ostracized and eventually thrown into a well where she died. Bent on revenge, Sadako returns as a ghost in The Ring to haunt people for her untimely death in the hopes she will be remembered and even possible resurrected one day.

Now, it looks like this new series is giving Sadako a new way to be remembered, and it is far more cute to see. There is far less murder and way more makeup tutorials going around this time. Now, it is just a matter of time before someone really heads to Youtube to make Sadako a popular virtual Youtuber in Japan in the same way others did for Hello Kitty and others.

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