Fierce Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Activates Mai Valentine's Spell Card

Yu-Gi-Oh cosplays are a constant treat for anime fans, but there's something special about it when [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh cosplays are a constant treat for anime fans, but there's something special about it when Mai Valentine shows up. The heroine is so often ignored in the cosplay scene with so many favoring the Dark Magician or Yugi instead. One cosplayer decided it was time to end the near moratorium on Mai looks, and fans admit this fan killed their take on the heroine.

Over on Reddit, the user ShayBayBayMarie shared their version of Mai with the world. The fan posted a shot of herself in costume at a recent convention, and it has reminded everyone of the serious style that Mai had back in the day.

As you can see below, the Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay is a simple one that rocks purple without any regard. The cosplay features a cropped moto jacket with zips and lots of buckles. The short jacket goes with the white crop top Mai rocks underneath.

[self] Mai Valentine from Yugioh. Cosplayed as her on Valentines Day at AMKE 2020! from r/cosplay

Of course, the heroine has on a purple skirt to match the outfit, and it features a thick buckled belt. When combined with some thigh-high purple boots, this look comes off as something which Ariana Grande would rock, but Mai's loose locks pull the whole thing together. The addition of a Duel Disk only makes things sweet, and there's no denying the fierce pose photographed here.

Of course, there are plenty of fans hoping to do their own look like this, and the cosplayer has been happy to give tips. They let one fan know the jacket hailed from DollzKill, and ShayBayBayMarie only had good things to say about the shop.

"ITS SERIOUSLY THE BEST! Prices are decent. Shipping is fast. And they have great one off pieces for cosplay," she said. "I saw this girl walking around in these insane fuzzy light up heels at the con and I asked her where she got those and she was like "DollzKill!"

Mai may not have gotten her sultry look online, but this cosplayer proves the vixen can be brought to life with just a bit of styling. The hardest part comes with getting Mai's attitude down right, but when you are wearing shoes like this - well, it is hard not to feel like a Valentine.

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