The Nerdiest Black Friday Sale Is Live


ThinkGeek has launched their Black Friday sale and it’s loaded with some incredibly unique nerdery that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some of the top items:

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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Coasters Set of 6 (Doorbuster today only) - 30% off
Star Trek Planetary Glassware Set - 70% off
Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie - 67% off
Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket - 40% off
Rolltop Backpack of Holding - 40% off
Star Trek TNG Garden Gnomes - 40% off
Pokémon Munchlax Lunch Bag - 40% off
Star Wars Cookie Cutters - 40% off
Critical Hit D20 Mug - 40% off
Pokémon Winter Sweater - 40% off
Assassin’s Creed Origins Hidden Blade Cosplay - 40% off
Star Wars Ice Cube Trays - 50% off
Star Trek: The Next Generation Family Car Decals - 50% off
Pokémon Pikachu Cake Pan - 40% off

Head on over to ThinkGeek to check out all of the items that are on sale, and keep tabs on the doorbuster deals that change daily.