Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Takes a Lesson From The X-Files in New Poster


Paramount Pictures, apparently not afraid of associations with one of the best-known taglines in recent memory, have taken on "Trust no one" as the slogan for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in the film's most recently-released poster.

Starring Star Trek's Chris Pine, Pirates of the Caribbean's Keira Knightley and Man of Steel's Kevin Costner, the film is directed by Thor director Kenneth Branagh, who also appears in the movie as an actor. It's being co-written by Spider-Man, Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible scribe David Koepp.

Pine is the fourth actor to play the role of Tom Clancy's action hero on film, following in the footsteps of mega-stars Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. This incarnation of Jack Ryan is a reboot, meant to divorce itself from 2002's little-loved The Sum of All Fears. It's the first film based on Tom Clancy's work to be released since the prolific writer passed away in October.

Previous Jack Ryan films, like the novels they're based on, have never included the character's name in the film's title. This reboot seems to be taking some cues from Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher in that regard--a film that performed well enough to have a sequel in development now--but also taking lessons from both Reacher and John Carter, which had trouble finding a marketing niche since a film named after a character who isn't Batman or James Bond can come under criticism for not giving the prospective moviegoer any information to work with.

Originally reported to have been due out on Christmas, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will hit theaters on January 17.