The Wil Wheaton Project Cancelled: Wheaton "Really Okay With" It But Cites Poor Network Support

Syfy has opted not to renew The Wil Wheaton Project, the actor announced on his website yesterday.

The post described in some detail the actual cancellation call and praised the executives Wheaton had worked with directly on the show. Both they and Wheaton said that it was top executive brass in New York who had made the call, saying that the series didn't have enough viewers to merit another season.

"I didn’t say anything about the total lack of promotion off the network, or point out that our ratings were on par with The Soup, or that ratings are always lower in summer than the fall," Wheaton wrote. "I didn’t  bother saying any of that, because I know he knows that. I was reasonably confident that he made those arguments with New York when he was trying to get the show renewed. I presume he fought hard for us, but ultimately couldn’t sway executives in New York who never seemed — in my opinion — to really understand what kind of show we were doing, who I was and why I was hosting it, and how to engage with and promote to the audience who would like it."

He added, "I had made a decision the day we wrapped the show, that I was going to be okay whether Syfy picked us up, or not. I can honestly say that I am really okay with where I am today. I’m looking forward to doing Tabletop and our upcoming RPG show. I’m looking forward to writing more stories, getting excited, and making more things."

The season can be viewed on the Syfy website but, like many talk and variety shows that rely on current events and timely jokes, it isn't available for digital purchase on sites like Amazon and iTunes.