X of Swords: Wolverine Might Have Just Changed Everything

Marvel fans received the next two chapters in the X-Men's X of Swords saga this week, and they moved things in some rather interesting directions. The biggest revelation though happened in Marauders #14, which might surprise you being that the whole issue is themed around Saturnyne's big banquet for all of the warriors fighting in her tournament. There are all the side eyes and tense conversations you would expect from such a gathering (and even a crazy underwater dance), but thanks to one X-Man, in particular, the whole tournament and everything that comes with it might have just been changed. Spoilers incoming for Marauders #14 so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The issue features the warriors of Arrako and Krakoa gathering for a dinner before the tournament, and early on you can see something is bothering Logan. Wolverine is in a rather foul mood, and Storm quickly picks up on it. That's why she finds him looking out over a ledge and says "I know what you're thinking."

Wolverine responds "I know you know. You gonna try to talk me out of it?" Storm responds "No. Don't miss."

(Photo: Marvel)

Wolverine later expresses his anger at Brian Braddock, telling him that he could save all this bloodshed by just giving Saturnyne what she wants, especially since she favors him. Neither Betsy or Brian take this kindly, and he storms off.

Later when they are all seated for dinner Saturnyne asks Logan what is on his mind, and he finally lets loose, saying "It doesn't have to be like this. You can just take what you want. You don't need to create all this collateral damage."

Saturnyne tells him he has a singular worldview, and that she doesn't expect him to understand the reasons for the many changes to come. Logan points out that she means the death ahead, and she responds "I said exactly what I mean. Death is the great change, and everything dies."

(Photo: Marvel)

That's when Logan pops his claws and says "Lady, those are some famous last words." He then stabs her through the chest and stomach with both claws, and it would seem Logan has perhaps killed Saturnyne. Thing is, even if she's not dead, this will have a major effect on what happens next, and we are eager to see it unfold.


Marauders #14 is in comic stores now.

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