New Look At The Flash Costume In 'Justice League'

Thanks to some new Justice League concept art coming out of France, we have a more detailed look at The Flash costume worn by actor Ezra Miller in the film.

The artwork really captures the aesthetic of high-grade polymer used to make the Flash suit, along with the intricacy of the metallic wiring that seems to tether the costume together. The angle and coloring of the image also gives us our best looks yet at the golden highlights of the costume, like the lightning bolts around the hips, gauntlets, and sides of the helmet.

Take a look at the Justice League Flash costume, below:

The Flash plays a mysterious role in the current DC Extended Universe timeline; we know that eventually he will breach the space/time barrier to make contact with Bruce Wayne in the past, as seen in Batman v Superman. The upcoming Flashpoint movie will also draw from a DC Comics storyline, in which The Flash alters the past, thereby changing the entire status quo of the DC Universe.

Catch Ezra Miller as The Flash when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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