'Justice League' Stars On Why Aquaman And Cyborg Are Similar

When it comes to the Justice League, the team doesn’t look like it could be more different. Wonder Woman’s altruistic nature clashes more often than not with Batman’s aggressive vigilantism, but they heroes do have their connections. In fact, Ray Fisher recently explained that Cyborg and Aquaman are much more similar than you might think.

Thanks to Screen Rant, fans can check out a portion of Fisher’s interview he did with Geek Magazine about Justice League. The actor took a moment to describe how Cyborg is connected with Aquaman, and it doesn’t have to do with their stance against Steppenwolf.

“I feel that Victor and Aquaman are probably the most similar in that they're two individuals struggling with living basically half in one world, half in another. We could say the same thing about all of the characters, but specifically Aquaman being half-human and half-Atlantean, and Cyborg being half-human and half-robot,” Fisher explained.

“I think there is a recognition between them where they may not necessarily get along, and they may not necessarily trust one another at first, but it's that thing when you see someone who's like you, and when you resent yourself to begin with, it could create that sort of conflict between them. There is also a very deep level of respect at the same time,” the actor finished.

In the past, Jason Momoa has said he felt a similar way about how Aquaman identifies with fans. The actor’s take on Arthur Curry is one that portrays the hero as an outcast, and Momoa said he could relate to the feeling given his own upbringing.

During a one-on-one conversation, Momoa was asked by an interviewer how he connected with Aquaman, and Momoa confessed their common ground was a painful one.

“How I identify with that is kind of being...a bit of an outcast. You see, he wasn’t really too accepted...I wasn’t too accepted,” he said.

“There weren’t any races where I grew up. There’s no Chinese, no Mexican, no Black. I grew up in Iowa. I graduated with like 100 people,” Momoa explained. “I was born in Hawaii, so I would go see my father…[I] just wasn’t accepted on the local side by some people because I wasn’t raised in Hawaii. I identify as being that outcast and not really fitting into two different worlds.”

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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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