Pacific Rim's Cailee Spaeny Wants To Play Catwoman

Pacific Rim Uprising is Cailee Spaeny's first movie, but it seems she has some superhero aspirations.

Well, superhero might be the wrong term actually. After the Pacific Rim Uprising panel at New York Comic Con, Spaeny was asked what superhero part she would be interested in playing. Her answer turned out to be an iconic character in the Batman mythos.

"It's a tough one. I mean I would love to play...I really have hope because they keep making more, but I would love to play Catwoman or something, how cool would that be? Yeah, I want that," Spaeny told

It could definitely happen. Catwoman continues to be one of the most popular Batman characters, and she's made appearances in pretty much every interpretation of Batman over the years. Gotham currently has its own Catwoman, but the CW Arrowverse is currently without one. Granted, it's without a Batman as well, but that could always change.

The current cinematic universe doesn't have a Catwoman either, though that interpretation will be older to match up with Ben Affleck. Still, Batman isn't going anywhere, so Spaeney could very well get her chance.

This is Spaeny's debut in the Pacific Rim franchise, but she is already a huge fan of the original, and couldn't be more excited to finally be a part of it.

"I mean it's still sinking in," Spaeny said. "That was the first time I saw it on a big screen. I kind of experienced it with everybody, and I think it's just amped up to 10 times more. The action sequences and the visuals, so I really hope that they love it, you love it, and I'm so excited to see it. I'm actually pumped for it. It's really cool to make a movie that you're excited to go see. I am a total sci-fi nerd myself so I'm pumped."

Uprising takes place 10 years after the original, and form the looks of the trailer that "10 times more" claim is looking pretty spot on.

Fans can see Spaeny in Pacific Rim Uprising when it hits theaters on March 23, 2018.

Pacific Rim: Uprising 2018

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