Is 'Justice League' Better or Worse Than 'Avengers'?

DC has finally delivered its super team to the big screen, opening up comparisons to Marvel's Avengers squad that took the world by storm. So, which one's better?

Spoilers incoming for both Justice League and The Avengers, so if you haven't seen either one yet you've been warned.

Now, your initial reaction to the above text might be whatever eye roll emoji you can muster up at the moment, but they aren't as far apart as you might think. We're going to compare the films in a few different categories, and then see who comes out the winner. Also of note is that this is just a comparison between the two films, as opposed to the characters in general.

First, let's look at the cast of characters. The team itself is a huge focus of each film, and once assembled both teams are mighty impressive. Justice League introduced more new characters, as neither Flash, Cyborg, or Aquaman had their own films previously, and it did so pretty well. Avengers did not have as much origin story to tell and utilized that time to give each member of the team more shining moments.

That said, Superman outshined just about everyone from both films, and Wonder Woman holds the edge against Cap. In fact, you could say that the characters of Justice League are more interesting on an individual level than the ones in Avengers, though that does change over the course of other Marvel films, especially for Cap, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow.

This is close, but Justice League comes out on top.

Next up is the film's villain, which pits Steppenwolf against Loki. Loki benefited from the first Thor movie in terms of development, but even taking that out of the equation he still had charm and personality to spare. Loki shined in just about every scene, despite following the "I want more power" line of evil thinking.

Steppenwolf on the other hand, well, he's a great looking design that also follows Loki's motive path. Unfortunately, Steppenwolf has little to no depth outside of "I'm pissed I lost once", and the other characters in the scenes with him have to carry the majority of the load. As a result, he is just rather forgettable, one thing that Loki is certainly not.

Avengers wins this one in a landslide.

Next is the actual story of both films, and while both are action-focused affairs, Justice League's story is more ambitious. Both movies have aliens invading on a mass scale, but Justice League adds in the moral questions that come with resurrecting Superman. That actually adds a lot to the plot, but it's also a double-edged sword. Because you have to fit that subplot and introductory sequences for three of the heroes in, the plot can get bogged down, and Avengers just doesn't have that issue.

It's not exactly a fair comparison in this regard, but Avengers takes this one.

Oh, and the two share gratuitous butt shots to boot. Justice League pans up to put the spotlight on Wonder Woman's rear end, while Avengers hovers the camera behind Scarlet Johansson's butt while she's talking to Loki. Not exactly a trait you want to share, but worth mentioning. Both get an eye roll free of charge.

Okay, so here is how it shakes out. Justice League is at 1 while Avengers is at 2.

That's closer than you thought right? Avengers is a better complete movie, but there are aspects toJustice League that outshine Marvel's magnum opus. You're not wrong for liking or disliking either of these films, but from our standpoint, Avengers wins out in the end.

Justice League is in theaters now.