'Krypton': Was Nyssa-Vex's Daughter in 'Man of Steel?'

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the pilot to Krypton, which airs today.

Could Nyssa-Vex's daughter have appeared in Man of Steel?

In tonight's pilot for SYFY's Krypton, a story set 200 years in Krypton's past, audiences met Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day). The daughter of a powerful magistrate, Nyssa finds herself engaged to be "bonded" (married) to Seg, Superman's grandfather.

Seg, also known as Seg-El, is a member of the rankless class of Krypton, with no surname and very few cultural privileges. It is after rescuing the Voice of Rao from an assassination attempt that Seg is given the opportunity to bond and to be elevated into "decent" society.

After their bonding is decided, Seg and Nyssa-Vex visit the Genesis Chamber, where their blood is taken so that they can have a child assembled via genetic tinkering.

At the time of their blood draw, the pair are shown a hologram of their child-to-be, whose name is "Cor-Vex." He will reportedly serve Kandor City with distinction until his death in 174 cycles (years).

Obviously, fans know that Seg's son will not be named Cor-Vex, but Jor-El. But is it possible that Nyssa's child ended up as part of General Dru-Zod's strike force in Man of Steel?

In that film, which is not part of the same universe as Krypton, but which features a Krypton that closely resembles the one in this show, a character named Car-Vex makes an appearance.

Car-Vex is a Kryptonian who was part of the Kryptonian Warrior Guild under General Zod and followed him in his quest to overthrow the Kryptonian Law Council, and later to re-establish a Kryptonian race on the planet Earth. You can see her briefly in the film, although she does not play a major role.

Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer co-wrote the Krypton pilot, and at one point the series was referred to as being "200 years before Man of Steel." It was not until after the pilot was significantly reworked that it was officially clarified that was not the case.

It is not yet clear whether or not Cor-Vex has any association with Car-Vex (or, for that matter, with Cor-Zod, an ancestor of General Zod's from the comics), but certainly with many names repeated from that film in the series, such discussions will come up quite a bit.


This, and other open questions about the world of SYFY's Krypton, were touched upon in the Panel Discussions podcast I just released. You can hear me talk about those questions with From Crisis to Crisis co-hosts Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor, plus Superman podcaster Jon Wilson, below.

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.