'iZombie' Showrunner Addresses Potential 'Veronica Mars' Cameos in Final Season

iZombie is getting ready to create its swan song, and it sounds like there could be some major cameos as a part of that.

Showrunner Rob Thomas recently addressed potential guest stars for the show's fifth and final season in an interview with TVLine. After having several Veronica Mars alums play roles in the zombie-comedy series, Thomas still has one on his wish list - Tina Majorino, who played Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie.

"I’d love to get Tina Majorino,” Thomas said of the Napoleon Dynamite and Grey's Anatomy alum. “We did offer her one role, but it wasn’t her cup of tea, which I totally got."

Another cameo that Thomas addressed was Kristen Bell, who starred as Veronica Mars' title character. While Bell has technically appeared on iZombie, voicing an audiobook in the Season 2 episode "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter", Thomas revealed that there's one thing stopping her from playing a larger role.

"If we shot in L.A. [versus Vancouver], Kristen would do us a solid and do the show,” Thomas revealed. “But she’s got two young daughters and lives in Los Angeles and has her own full-time gig [on The Good Place]. That’s asking a bit too much from her."

If Majorino or Bell did play a role in iZombie's final season, they would join a pretty great list of Veronica Mars alumni. Jason Dohring played the villainous Chase Graves for the past two seasons, Francis Capra had a supporting role in the episode "My Really Fair Lady", and Enrico Colantoni both appeared in front of and behind the camera in Season 4. And of course, Paul Rudd had a surprising voiceover cameo in the Season 4 finale, narrating the documentary about Liv Moore's (Rose McIver) zombie smuggling ring.

Either way, it sounds like fans have a lot of reasons to be excited for iZombie's fifth and final season. With the things that happened in the Season 4 finale, it will certainly be interesting to see what comes about in the final installment of episodes. It looks like Liv will continue to stay both a zombie and the leader of Seattle's smuggling ring, and that characters like Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), and Major (Robert Buckley) could all be in different places when Season 5 arrives.


Who would you like to see cameo in the final season of iZombie? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The fifth and final season of iZombie will debut sometime in 2019.