Warner Bros. Shifting Focus To Supergirl Following Henry Cavill's Superman Exit

Warner Bros. is reeling from a big loss, and it is all about Superman. According to a new report, Henry Cavill is exiting his Superman role, leaving the iconic superhero hanging in the DC Extended Universe. However, it doesn’t look like Kryptonians will be booted from the franchise as a whole.

No, if one new report is correct, then Supergirl is the hero Warner Bros. may fall back on.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Cavill is exiting his role as Superman. Sources tells the cite the British actor is ditching the cape for good, and it seems Warner Bros. will be shifting its focus to Supergirl as such.

According to the report, the studio has already “shifted its focus to a Supergirl movie”. The film is slated to be an “origin story” with the teenage heroine. If that is the angle the DCEU wants to go with, it would make sense for Superman to be revamped. Henry Cavill plays an older version of Clark Kent, and that age discrepancy wouldn’t work. You know, unless Supergirl was a flashback movie in full.

So far, there are few details out about the Supergirl movie, but it is in the works. News about its development broke in August. Oren Uziel is penning the film’s script, and there are no producers attached to the project as of now. It is also uncertain whether Superman will factor into the movie. That hope has become even more unlikely due to Cavill’s exit, but Warner Bros. could recast the iconic superhero if need be. But, first, the studio has to find a suitable Supergirl actress who can bring Kara Danvers to life.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what the future of Superman looks like in the DCEU. The franchise has notoriously struggled to find its footing with audiences since its foundation. Man of Steel prompted the shared universe years ago as it brought Cavill into Superman's darker shoes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad followed after, but their lackluster reviews simply soured fans. Wonder Woman offered a brief respite as the female-led film refreshed the DCEU's reputation, but Justice League's blip of a box-office haul quickly set the record back to normal.


With faith waning in the franchise, Warner Bros. is wanting to revitalize its comic book movies, and the loss of Cavill will usher in a new era for Superman. Now, the actor is off to swing swords on The Witcher for Netflix, and Ben Affleck's placement in the DCEU as Batman is still up in the air. Gal Gadot, however, is fitting into her Wonder Woman role nicely. Currently, Wonder Woman 1984 is filming and will complete shooting in December 2018.

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