'Black Lightning' Season 2 Is Now Available to Stream on Netflix

Black Lightning's second season was full of major changes for Jefferson Pierce and his family. After both of his daughters developed powers and the family came together to stop the villainous Martin Proctor at the end of The CW shows' first season, its sophomore effort was devoted to the exploration of how those events -- and many others -- left lasting impact. And if you've been waiting until the full second season hit Netflix in order to find out what those impacts are, you're in luck.

The full second season of Black Lightning is now officially available to stream on Netflix. The release of the second season on the streaming service comes two weeks after the season finale on March 18 entitled "The Book of Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega". The release of Season 2 to Netflix took a little longer than Season 1's arrival on streaming but is still a fast turnaround -- a plus for eager fans.

And even if you've already seen Season 2 as it aired on The CW, we wouldn't blame you for wanting to watch it all over again -- especially the finale. Everything from the season came to a head in the episode Jennifer got a grip on her powers after having been reluctant to accept them much less effectively use them since the end of the first season and Tobias Whale ended up in custody at last, sent to a facility called The Pit.

The biggest and most shocking development to process, however, sets up a lead in for Season 3. At the end of the episode, Agent Odell shows up at the Pierce home and reveals that not only does he know their heroic identities -- and that they are metas, save for Lynn -- but he's drafting them into service. With it now being a thing that Freeland has a large metahuman population, the nation of Markovia is going to see the city as a threat to them.

With Markovia having been woven through all of Season 2 and with Agent Odell declaring that an actual war is coming, it certainly seems that Markovia is being set up as being the "big bad" for Season 3. It's something that could prove to be not just an interesting story as it would be very different from what we've seen with Black Lightning's fight against Tobias for the first two seasons, but it also may see the introduction of further members of the Outsiders team from comics -- including Brion Markov, better known to book fans as Geo-Force.


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Black Lightning, both seasons one and two, are now streaming on Netflix.