'Arrow' Recap with Spoilers: Dysfunctional Families Are Everywhere in "Spartan"

(Photo: The CW)

As always, full spoilers up ahead for Arrow.

Oliver and Diggle uncover an electronic tablet used by the Ninth Circle. They try getting intel from ARGUS, but General Stewart — played by Ernie Hudson — refuses to give them any information. It's in this scene that we find out that Stewart is Diggle's stepfather.

Elsewhere, Felicity and Alena are attacked by a cell of Ninth Circle thugs, who end up stealing some of the ARCHER technology they were working on. After the break-in, Stewart decides to help out Team Arrow and gives them a lead. Once they get there, however, the Ninth Circle manage to sedate Stewart and Diggle. Before long, John and Roy are able to escape their holding cell and alert Oliver and the team to their location.

After Stewart and Diggle are rescued, the team reconvenes at the Arrow lair, where Oliver realizes they're using going to be using ARCHER to track down a biochemical weapon Stewart has been overseeing. Through the magic of computers and hacking, Oliver is able to track down the Ninth Circle and in turn, his half-sister Emiko. There, Oliver reveals the truth to Emiko — Dante has been lying to her and he's the one to kill her mother.

Emiko's able to escape from Oliver and later on, she kills Dante.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Dinah and Rene have a heart to heart about Emiko, with the latter suggesting that Emiko still might be good.
  • In the future, we see Connor's brother John Jr. leads the Deathstroke gang.
  • Diggle initially tells the team he resents Stewart not saving Diggle's father in a gunfight, though over the course of the episode, the truth spills out and it turns out Stewarts a stand-up guy.
  • Felicity decides to no longer pursue the "Big Brother" technology and she and Alena start brainstorming what they can do next.

Arrow airs on The CW Monday nights starts at 9/8 p.m. Central.



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