'The Flash' Recap with Spoilers: Central City Gets Icy in "Snow Pack"

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(Photo: The CW)

Is Nora doomed to the future forever? Will Thawne help Team Flash solve their problems? Keeping scrolling to find out what happened on "Snow Pack," tonight's episode of The Flash!

WARNING: Spoilers up ahead for The Flash. Proceed with caution if you have yet to see tonight's episode!

The episode starts off with a massive argument between Barry and Iris. The former is furious that Iris doesn't mind the fact Nora's been working with Thawne. Once things settle down, Team Flash gets an alarm from the hospital — someone's broken Grace out of her room. The next day, Iris is determined to bring Nora back and decides to use one of the Time Spheres with the help of Ralph try tracking own Nora.

In the future, Thawne's trying to help Nora understand the Negative Speed Force, something that Barry can't track. Iris and Ralph go forward in time and find Nora. There, she freaks out over her father's action and races off, managing to crack open the Negative Speed Force.

Caitlin's dad breaks into her mom's lab, stealing a piece of technology out of the cryovault. Team Flash arrives shortly thereafter, leading Caitlin and her mother into a huge fight. Tom returns and begins fighting with both Caitlin and her mother, knocking them both out. Icicle kidnaps his wife and daughter and we find out that he wants to turn Carla into a meta using the stolen technology and permanently repress the human sides of the two so that he can have an "Ice Family" of sorts.

Caitlin busts of the holding cell and leads Icicle on a chase while Barry speeds in and rescues Carla. In the midst of their fight, Thomas is able to diffuse through his Icicle persona and finally turn back into a human. He and Caitlin embrace and go back to Icicle's lair where Cicada 2.0 has ambushed Barry. Cicada gains the upper hand and Thomas rushes in to sacrifice himself, saving Barry, Carla, and Caitlin.

Barry and Iris talk at their place later that night about the situation they find themselves in. The two eventually make amends while Nora pops out of the Negative Speed Force somewhere else in the city. The episode ends with future Grace trying to bring present timeline Grace out of her coma.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW starting off at 8/7 p.m. Central.



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