iZombie Recap With Spoilers: New Seattle Meets Silicon Valley in "Dot Zom"

iZombie's final season is currently in full swing, and the show's latest episode got even bigger and weirder than ever before. If you missed out on some key details about the episode, we're here to help. Read on to find out all of the twists and turns from tonight's episode, "Dot Zom".


Liv, Clive, and Ravi investigate the murder of Cornell, a tech exec and quickly learn that he was creating some sort of apocalyptic bunker in his spare time. The bunker has a list of prominent figures on it -- including Peyton.

They figure out that Cornell died from some sort of compound being in his pills. Liv prepares the brain into kombucha and drinks it. They meet with Melissa, the new exec, who is a zombie and previously had a relationship with Cornell. She reveals that Cornell was microdosing mushrooms, and they interview his dealer. He denies the possibility that he might have poisoned Cornell.

Liv becomes very invested in the microdosing theory. She is then triggered into a vision -- where Cornell erases his assistant's name on the list with Peyton's. They interview her about it, and she reveals that she and Cornell were previously lovers, before he began to be infatuated with Peyton. Liv gets a second vision -- of Cornell being yelled at by a man for not delivering something he paid for.

At the office, Liv and Clive learn that the man in question is Sheldon, a local businessman known as "The Fixture King". They interview him, and he quickly goes hostile, revealing that he knows Liv is Renegade.

Clive and Liv begin to suspect that Sheldon was behind Cornell's murder, and he get arrested. They find the mushrooms that were used to kill Cornell growing right in Sheldon's backyard.

Later on, Liv gets another vision -- of Melissa slapping Sheldon, and arguing that he and Cornell's plans will be the end of zombies as we know it. Liv comes to Clive with this information, arguing that Sheldon was paying Cornell for data mining about zombies. Liv and Clive interview Melissa about that, and she doesn't deny any of it.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Peyton and Ravi sit in on rehearsals of the "Hi, Zombie" improv group. Peyton accidentally starts a conflict with Jimmy about how the zombies are portrayed. At a later practice, Yasmin, one of the other performers suggests that humans making the jokes is insensitive, and Jimmy and most of the other performers quit. Yasmin writes a new script and gives it to Peyton and Ravi, and ultimately convinces Jimmy and the group to come back.
  • Blaine arrives at the bar, where he is greeted by Dead-Enders trying to take a photo of him. He meets with Al, a magazine reporter who wants to write a profile on Blaine. After several meetings with Al, Blaine learns that the Dead-Enders are scaring away business from the bar, and he confronts them about it, which impresses Al. Blaine then invites Al to his house party, where she accidentally finds the mask he used to film the murder video from last year.
  • The two agents Major put on ice are unfrozen, and tasked with helping "preserve" zombie-kind. They are introduced to their new boss -- a zombie man who believes that zombies are the next step in human evolution. One of them joins the crusade, but the other denies it, and is immediately killed.
  • Graham, a teacher at one of Seattle's schools gets fired for being outed as a zombie by the Dead-Enders, Liv comes to the hostel to see Major hanging out with the coyotes, and they all tell her about the Dead-Enders' recent tactics. They later interview Graham, who agrees to be a tutor for the zombie kids. One of the coyotes then finds the Dead-Enders' website, which is essentially doxing Seattle's zombies one by one. Graham talks about his newfound gig while in line for the Scratching Post, and a couple of zombies take a picture of him. They send the photo to the Fillmore-Graves agents, who proceed to kidnap Graham and force him to work for them.


iZombie airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.