Legends of Tomorrow's Season 5 Premiere Will Be a Mockumentary

The zany, misfit heroes of Legends of Tomorrow ended their fourth season on a surprisingly heartwarming, albeit bittersweet, note. They came together to save the world from the demon Neron, literally defeating the evil demon with a selfless act of love on the part of Zari (Tala Ashe) whose intervention saved mankind but changed her own reality. That heroism also had the side effect of propelling the Legends from D-list superheroes to actually famous and beloved heroes and it's a status quo change that will lead to a rather humorous Season 5 premiere -- a mockumentary.

According to executive producer Grainne Godfree, the Season 5 premiere will see the team dealing with newfound fame.

"If we become popular, are we going to lose our mojo?" Godfree told Entertainment Weekly. "They're famous for the first time and some of them are loving it. You have Sara, the stalwart captain who's the most suspicious of this [and] is not into it."

Executive producer Phil Klemmer went a bit further, talking about the idea of "tempting" the Legends.

"We're interested in how fame affects people [in season 5]," Klemmer said. "I really like the idea of tempting the Legends, that they're still susceptible. Even though they sort of get over themselves after [the first episode] I think you could always be tempted by the promise of getting to be a singular franchise-driving superhero."

But fame won't be the only issue the Legends have to grapple with in Season 5. The heroes will find themselves dealing with an older version of Astra Logue (Olivia Swann) who was recently confirmed as the Big Bad for the upcoming season. At the end of the Season 4 finale, Astra brought the chips containing the souls of famous evil people -- including Genghis Khan and Charles Manson -- and promptly cast them out of Hell.

"We [have] established that everybody's welcome on the Waverider because it's a place where people come to find second chances," executive producer Phil Klemmer recently told ComicBook.com. "But I think next season, we're going to deal with some of the historical pieces of s--t that don't deserve second chances, and it's probably going to be a tough thing for the Legends to realize. Maybe they've started to drink their own Kool-Aid and feel that Genghis Khan was just misunderstood, because whatever he did, he didn't get a pony for his birthday."

In the process, Astra's new role will certainly create a big conflict for John Constantine (Matt Ryan), seeing as he blames himself for her trip to Hell in the first place.


"In the finale, we are going to see a terribly nuanced version of Astra." showrunner Phil Klemmer told ComicBook.com. "She, unlike most people in Hell, isn't going to appear evil through and through. Should we have the chance to continue the story next season, there's a flipside to the coin of this girl -- now woman -- who resents him and had been corrupted by her experience. She blames him for everything that went wrong in her life. Again, I feel like there's a chance to get underneath all that. For us, it's just always about revealing new sides of these characters that you think you know inside and out. I never would have thought that John Constantine would fit in with the Legends and onboard the Waverider, but I think for next season, we want to keep digging deep on this guy, because obviously he feels pretty bottomless. He's a bottomless pit of darkness, but also, there's no end to the pathos and the tragedy. There is such a pure impulse to what John does. Beneath all the self-loathing, he's such noble man. I guess that's why we keep wanting to know what happens next, because it's like he's endlessly fascinating."

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is expected to debut in early 2020.