Here's How Dick Grayson Gets the Nightwing Suit in Titans

Ever since the series Titans first began on DC Universe, fans have been watching and waiting for Dick Grayson to finally leave his past behind as Batman's sidekick and embrace his future as Nightwing. While plans for the first season finale were changed, the series delayed Dick Grayson's transformation into his own hero — but we're finally set to see that scene in the final episode of the season. And while we didn't get to Grayson don the costume in the episode "Faux Hawk," we do know where it comes from. Who knew that you could go get a decent pair of shoes at the same place you can find a great superhero costume?

Warning: Spoilers for the episode of Titans called "Faux Hawk" below.

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Dick Grayson escapes from prison and realizes he must embrace his heroic destiny in order to take down Slade Wilson once and for all. This leads him to a seemingly innocuous location that has a major impact on his future as a hero.

In the episode, Dick Grayson arrives at a store, seemingly in New Mexico (which is where we last see the Titans leader), that is called Stu's Handmade Shoes. Upon entering the store, Dick is chastised by Stu himself for his decision to burn the Robin costume at the end of Season One. While Grayson insists it was an emotional choice, one committed out of his need to evolve beyond Batman's shadow, Stu takes it personally. After all, Dick just destroyed one of his creations.

But he also understands that Dick needs a new costume and a new identity. So he leads him to his hidden lab where many of his employees work in secret, developing new armors and technologies for superheroes.

We learn that Bruce Wayne called ahead and had the team assemble this latest costume for Dick, meaning that Batman himself has endorsed the path toward becoming his own hero. The suit is described as a "Nomex, triple-weave Kevlar shell, electrically insulated and light sensitive." The mantra in the design is "move more, get hit less," allowing Dick to utilize his acrobatic circus training.


Despite having no design input, Dick seems impressed and appreciative of his new costume — which means he's come a long way from whining about working out of Batman's shadow. And while the episode ends with anticipation for the future, fans should get excited to see Nightwing finally debut on the series.

The season finale of Titans will debut on DC Universe next Friday, December 29th.

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