Batwoman: New Season 2 Posters Spotlight Ryan Wilder

We've already been through a number of twists and turns across Batwoman's second season, many of which have revolved around the debut of the series' new Caped Crusader, Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie). As those who have been keeping up with the series' events know, Ryan has now begun to come into her own as Gotham's protector — and the series is celebrating with two new promo posters. The posters, which you can check out below, showcase Ryan both as a civilian and as Batwoman, with the show's official Twitter account proclaiming that "she's exactly what her city needs."

That aspect of Ryan's confidence as Batwoman has definitely been an aspect of Season 2 already, but it's expected to further continue upon the return of a "revamped" Kate Kane (Wallis Day). While it's clear that Ryan will still remain Batwoman, it sounds like that bombshell will impact her on a personal level.

"Seeing Ryan grow into the Batsuit has been priority one from a storytelling point of view, and it's been a beautiful journey so far witnessing Ryan take on that mantle, and she's proven to the city by episode 8 that she is Batwoman," showrunner Caroline Dries explained in an interview last month. "She belongs in the suit. And when Kate comes back, and when they discover Kate's back, that confidence will be rattled a little bit, and she'll start to wonder, "Well, where do I fit?" And so while the city believes in her, full heartedly, Ryan will go through her own journey of learning to believe in herself, and that's really something we focus on towards the later part of season two."

"For Ryan Wilder, everything in her life that's ever been good has been ripped away, and in the back of her mind, she always knew, 'This is too good to be true, this is going to be ripped away from me,'" Dries continued. "Especially with the notion of Kate still being out there. And then when it's definitive, Kate's not coming back, Ryan looks at the suit and is like, 'I'm Batwoman. What does that mean? What can I do for the city, not just as Batwoman, but as, her journey in episode nine is, as Ryan Wilder?' Kate Kane gave so much back to the city just as Kate. Bruce Wayne donated so much to the city as Bruce. What is Ryan doing just as Ryan [going] to give back to the city? So she really starts to sort of design her own Bat code, so to speak, and her own rules for the Bat Team, and embraces the job full-heartedly at this point."


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Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.