'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: "The Book of Little Black Lies"

'The Book of Little Black Lies' begins with Jefferson training. He's upset with his previous [...]

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"The Book of Little Black Lies" begins with Jefferson training. He's upset with his previous conversation with Gambi.

He calls Inspector Henderson, asking why a cop destroyed the weapon that killed Lady Eve, and Henderson promises he isn't a dirty cop. Henderson says he's going to take some vacation days off so he can investigate Lady Eve's murder on his own time.

Anissa walks into Jennifer's room and reveals to her younger sister that she has powers. To prove it, Anissa lifts Jennifer's bed. She then tells Jennifer that their dad is Black Lightning.

Jennifer rushes downstairs to confront her dad about being the vigilante and storms off when he admits he is.

Lynn comes over and sits down with Jefferson to talk about Anissa. Lynn tells Anissa that sometimes parents need to protect their children from information that could harm them. She reminds Anissa that is was disrespectful to tell Jennifer about the family's powers.

Anissa apologies, and Jefferson has her leave so he can talk to Lynn alone. Jefferson reassures Lynn that he promises to never let anything happen to the girls. After calming Lynn down, Jefferson and Anissa start hatching a plan on how to take down Green Light.

They decide to dig deeper into Jefferson's father's research. He thinks that because his father was murdered, he must have been close to something.

Lynn goes upstairs to speak with Jennifer. Lynn informs her youngest daughter that whenever Jennifer's ready to talk, she'll be there to listen.

Jefferson and Anissa are looking through documents at the courthouse. They notice an entity called BendsCORP had been making regular payments to Jefferson's father in an attempt to bribe him.

A Russian man is walking to his car. When he enters, Gambi appears in the back seat and stabs him in the neck with Black Mamba venom. Gambi wants the name of the person who made the weapons that mimicked Black Lightning's powers, and the Russian hands a name over to him. Gambi gives the guy a dose of anti-venom to reverse the effects of the Black Mamba venom.

Jefferson and Anissa put on masks and enter the office of a law firm behind BendsCORP. Jefferson uses his powers to intimidate the lawyer at the firm to hand over information about the shady corporation.

Back home, Anissa approaches Jennifer to talk about the powers they both have. Anissa reveals to her sister than she was terrified when she first learned about her powers.

Anissa notices Jennifer was watching a video on her laptop, and when Anissa plays it, it's a video talking about Anissa's body in her suit. Jennifer shows her sister that a big fan community has grown online surrounding Thunder. She shares that Thunder has more fans than Black Lightning.

Gambi's at his lair, and he's hacked the person who supplied the weapons to kill Lady Eve. He reveals he has the gun dealer's identity, and the gun peddler reveals where he's been getting his weapons.

Inspector Henderson is sneaking around with a camera, and he comes across a gun deal in an alleyway. He notices some of the cops he works with are selling guns to criminals.

Gambi goes to the location where the Black Lightning-like guns are allegedly being kept, and, using a small drone to fly around, he notices some bodies kept in cryo-like chambers. He notices the identity of one of the bodies.

Gambi returns to his tailor shop and calls Anissa in for an emergency. Anissa asks Gambi what happened between him and her father, and he fills her in on what he's done. Gambi tells Anissa that he used to work as a scout to find people with abilities.

He tells Anissa that the body he recognized at the lab was one of the young powered people he was ordered to track down on behalf of the ASA.

Before she leaves, Gambi gives Anissa the costume he made for her. Anissa finds her dad on the streets and tries persuading him to trust Gambi once again.

At home, Jennifer begins talking to Lynn. She admits to her mom that she feels like a freak, and that nobody will like her. Jennifer puts the pieces together and figures out that Jefferson being Black Lightning is the reason her parents got divorced.

Jennifer admits that she doesn't want to save the world — she'd rather have a normal life.

Jefferson and Anissa are staking out a location where the ASA's Martin Proctor is supposed to be. Before long, Proctor shows up, but moves the location of the deal he was trying to make.

Henderson calls Jefferson's burner cell phone and informs him of the gun deal he just witnessed. Jefferson tells him he'll be there shortly for backup.

Proctor arrives at the new location with Jefferson and Anissa following not too far behind. It's a warehouse where they're mass-producing Green Light. Anissa starts taking out Proctor's henchmen while Jefferson goes downstairs, where he finds Proctor himself.

The power's cut out, and Proctor is able to escape, but Inspector Henderson arrives to arrests one of the chemists responsible for producing Green Light.

Jefferson and Anissa begin torching the place, and it eventually explodes from the fire.

Back home, Jefferson approaches Jennifer. He tells her that he understands why she's upset and reminds her that he only kept his alter ego a secret in order to protect her. The two apologize to each other and finish the night by watching a movie together.