Dark Nights: Death Metal Gives New Costumes to Harley Quinn, Aquaman, and More

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 hit comic shops last week, bringing a new evolution of DC's Dark [...]

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 hit comic shops last week, bringing a new evolution of DC's Dark Multiverse along with it. The event has been making its presence felt across the DC canon, and bringing new and unexpected iterations of classic characters along with it. In addition to the series' various Batmen - which include an evil Batman Beyond and yes, even a dinosaur Batman - the first issue of Death Metal introduced fans to some bold new costumes for a few prominent characters. Spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 below! Only look if you want to know!

Early on in the issue, The Batman Who Laughs calls a meeting of his various allies, which takes place in a park/graveyard in his twisted version of Gotham City. While The Batman Who Laughs runs through checking in on everyone's various roles and territories, readers are treated to some surprising new costumes. The first is Harley Quinn, who The Batman Who Laughs dubs "Hunter of the Wastelands". This Earth's version of Harley can be seen wearing a slightly-baggy red, black, and white jumpsuit emulating her iconic jester costume, with a buzz cut hairstyle dyed red and black.

dark nights death metal 1 harley quinn costume
(Photo: DC Comics)

Next was Aquaman, "the Commander of the Black Fleet", who dons a costume fitting for that kind of royal title. In addition to his iconic green pants, Aquaman sports a brown and black waistcoat with a giant collar and tails, complete with gold spiked shoulder pads.

dark nights death metal 1 aquaman costume
(Photo: DC Comics)

Another unexpected character present at the meeting is Mister Miracle, who is shown in the restraints that he usually does his escape act from -- but with some spiky black shoulder pads as well.

dark nights death metal 1 mister miracle costume
(Photo: DC Comics)

Not only do the costumes tie some of these characters' individual aesthetics into the rock-and-roll world of Death Metal, but they all illustrate just how little agency they each have at the hands of The Batman Who Laughs. Sure, Harley might be embracing her inner Sinead O'Connor, and Aquaman might look like a mix between KISS and the "Rock Me Amadeus" music video, but both characters also look a little overcome by the dark situation that they're currently in.

This is far from the only costume change that happens in this issue, with The Batman Who Laughs getting his own wardrobe change as well. Plus, fans are still geeking out about Wonder Woman's epic new costume in the series.

What do you think of Harley Quinn, Aquaman, and Mister Miracle's new costumes in Dark Nights: Death Metal #1? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!