How 'Birds of Prey' Could Set Up DC's 'Blackhawk' Movie

Fans have been met with two major -- albeit, slightly unexpected -- pieces of news today, concerning what's next for the future of DC Films. And while it's unclear exactly when both projects will reach the big screen, there's an interesting thing that could end up connecting them together.

This morning, it was revealed that Cathy Yan is signed on to direct DC's upcoming Birds of Prey movie, with the plan to go into production by the end of this year. And just hours ago, Warner Bros. announced that Steven Spielberg is attached to produce, and possibly direct, a film adaptation of DC's Blackhawk comic series.

At the moment, there's no telling exactly how both projects could evolve (especially in Blackhawk's case, because Spielberg reportedly wants to direct Indiana Jones 5 beforehand). And while some have assumed that Blackhawk would be essentially unconnected from the main DCEU continuity, there's one secret weapon that could tie it all together: Zinda Blake.

For the uninitiated, Zinda is the first character to operate under the name Lady Blackhawk, debuting in the pages of DC Comics in 1959. Zinda had roots in the World War II era, persevering to become the first woman to join the Blackhawks' ranks. After years of adventures with the team, Zinda was dropped into the main DC Comics continuity as a result of the Zero Hour event. Years later, Zinda was recruited to join the Birds of Prey, serving as the team's pilot and fourth main member for a long stretch of time.

It's too early to tell exactly what roster of DC Comics characters will play a role in Birds of Prey, aside from Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and a version of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. But if the film adaptation wants to truly represent the Birds of Prey comics all while setting the stage for Spielberg's Blackhawk movie, it feels like a no-brainer to have Zinda be a part of that.

Having an out-of-time Zinda Blake play some sort of role in Birds of Prey would bring a unique voice and perspective to the film's ensemble, especially alongside present-day characters like Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, and Harley Quinn. It also would allow Blackhawk to have a built-in cast member, giving the film a chance to really expand on Zinda's origins, similarly to how DC handled Wonder Woman's backstory after introducing her in Batman v. Superman.

Sure, there's no telling if Lady Blackhawk could even play a role in either film, or if the narrative will be taken in a different direction. But it will be interesting to see how both Birds of Prey and Blackhawk unfold -- and if Lady Blackhawk ends up playing a part in that.


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