How 'Justice League' Teases the 'Flashpoint' Movie

Justice League planted seeds for all of its heroes to have interesting journeys in standalone films but none more than the iconic Flash story Flashpoint.

Some spoilers for Justice League follow.

Early in Justice League's runtime, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen checked in to the Iron Heights penitentiary to see his father Henry (Billy Crudup), setting the stage for the promised Flashpoint movie.

While visiting Henry, Barry revealed his plans to become a crime investigator as a means to free his father from the false conviction of murdering his mother and Henry's wife, Nora.

The Flashpoint comic's story centered around bringing Nora Allen back to life by means of traveling back in time to prevent her murder. In doing so, however, Barry completely shifts the timeline of the world he once knew, and begins to forget everything as he develops new memories from the new timeline. Nearly everything has changed in the new timeline, including the identity of Batman, as Bruce Wayne was killed as a child and Thomas Wayne dons the cape to avenge him.

Furthermore, the conversation between Henry and Barry had a metaphorical reference to the time travel events of Flashpoint.


When Henry asked Barry to stop coming to see him and abandon his wishes to become a detective, he pleaded for Barry to only run forwards, into the future, and stop running to the past. In Flashpoint, Barry literally runs to the past!

Following Justice League which is now playing in theaters, Aquaman will release in December of 2018, follow by Shazam and Wonder Woman in 2019. While there are many more DC Comics films in development, Flashpoint is likely next in line.