'Legends Of Tomorrow' Midseason Finale: "Beebo the God of War" Trailer Brings Back Dead Character

The CW has released a new promo for 'Beebo the God of War', next week's midseason finale of [...]

The CW has released a new promo for "Beebo the God of War", next week's midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow.

After suffering the devastating loss of Martin Stein/Firestorm (Victor Garber) during last night's "Crisis on Earth-X" finale, the Legends are whisked away to a Viking settlement in the New World. When they arrive, they find more than one anachronism.

First, they find some sort of "big blue god" (presumably Beebo, judging by context clues around the episode) that the Vikings are worshipping. And along the way, they appear to find the younger version of Martin Stein (Graeme McComb), who has been trapped by the Vikings in a net.

What could all of this mean for the Legends? It's too early to tell, although the fact that the team runs into young Marty just days after his "Crisis on Earth-X" death certainly has to mean something. In a way, it further argues that the events of Legends' third season seem to have some sort of connection to the team, possibly even imploding the Arrowverse timeline in the process.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.