New 'Supergirl' Photo Gives Best Look Yet at Mon-El's Legion of Super-Heroes Costume

The CW has released the first official promotional photo of Chris Wood in Mon-El's Legion of [...]

The CW has released the first official promotional photo of Chris Wood in Mon-El's Legion of Super-Heroes costume, as he will appear on Supergirl when it returns next week.

You can check the full image out below.

(Photo: Warner Bros. TV/The CW)

While nominally a first look at Wood in full costume, the look has already been spotted in a recent trailer for Supergirl's midseason return, as well as on co-star David Harewood's Instagram page.

The image features Wood in jeans and a leather costume with some detailing that is reminiscent of the Supergirl costume, including a pentagonal area in the center of his chest which is empty, evoking Supergirl's shield.

In the comics, Lar Gand (more popularly known as Mon-El) was known as Valor. Spinning out of the events of Eclipso, the character was a Superman-level power who was having vague memories of a past life.

(For the Supergirl TV series, Lar Gand was actually the father of Mon-El, and not an alternate name of his.)

The two metallic details on his chest are reminiscent of the clips used on Valor's tunic in the comics.

It is not yet clear whether Mon-El will go by the name "Valor" in-series.

There have been numerous versions of Lar Gand/Mon-El in the comics, and there can sometimes a lot of confusion that comes with him. In some stories, he's actually been slotted in to replace Superboy due to retroactive continuity changes that made Superboy appearances impossible.

He's from Daxam, a fictional DC world with a people who have powers and abilities similar to those of Kryptonians -- but instead of being weakened by Kryptonite, it's lead that kills them.

Lar Gand studied "forbidden lore" on Daxam, including stories of Krypton. When he decided to follow Kal-El's rocket to Earth, he crashed and lost his memory. Given his similar abilities, a then-teenage Superboy supposed that the two might be related, and Lar Gand took on the name Mon-El. Later, when exposure to lead nearly killed him, Mon-El was placed in the Phantom Zone, where he emerged in the 30th Century to be healed by (and join) the Legion of Super-Heroes.

It's as a Legionnaire that he had the most connection to Supergirl, particularly during Mark Waid's Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes run. He would also serve as Earth's primary super-protector during "World of New Krypton," headlining the Superman titles while Superman himself was living with thousands of unsettled Kryptonians on the moon -- during which time he did wear the House of El's "S" sigil on his chest.

In the show, he is not from the future but traveled there at the end of season 2 after leaving Earth due to a fear of lead poisoning. He had originally come to Earth from the destroyed Daxam in the same way Supergirl had come from Krypton.

Supergirl airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. The midseason premiere, "Legion of Super-Heroes," will air on Monday, January 15.