Did DC Just Kill Off One of Its Biggest Villains?

Red Hood: Outlaw has been trucking along for nearly fifty issues, uniting some of the more morally ambiguous DC heroes in one team. The book's ensemble has faced quite a lot of different problems over the series' run, but their recent escapades in Qurac might have been the most bombastic yet. In the series' most recent issue, which is in stores this week, one of the Outlaws makes a major impact on the DC universe, killing one of the franchise's most formidable foes (at least, for the time being). Spoilers for Red Hood: Outlaw #47 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue continues the team's time in the Chamber of All, as they attempted to stop an infection from spreading in Qurac. Eventually, the team traces the supernatural infection to something inside of the chamber, and Bizarro offers to stay behind and fight it. This leads him to face off directly with Trigon in Hell, in an attempt to stop him from making his way down to Earth. As the fight ensues, Bizarro uses his superpowers to literally punch a hole through Trigon's chest.

red hood outlaw trigon death 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

The issue ends with Bizarro, covered in black goo and holding Trigon's heart in his hand. He then channels his inner Ron Burgundy by remarking that the situation "escalated quickly".

red hood outlaw trigon death 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

Of course, death is usually a nebulous thing in the world of comics, so it's safe to assume that this won't be the very last time that we see Trigon in the pages of DC Comics. Still, his death is undoubtedly a brutal one, and one that showcases just how much of a threat Bizarro can be.

With Outlaw writer Scott Lobdell stepping away from the series following the series' upcoming 50th issue, it will remain to be seen what the long-term future holds for either Trigon or Bizarro.


“I’m stepping away from [my] only remaining freelance work on Red Hood and The Outlaws, effective immediately,” Lobdell wrote on Instagram late last month. “Issue #50 out in October will be my final issue. While I’m profoundly grateful for the last ten years on a book telling the story of a tragically flawed man in search of redemption, I depart certain that my vacancy will be filled by a dynamic new voice.”

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