Kevin Smith Teases Shocking Ending to 'Supergirl' Episode He Directed

Supergirl fans, you might want to brace for shocking twist to Sunday's midseason finale, at least [...]

Supergirl fans, you might want to brace for shocking twist to Sunday's midseason finale, at least according to Kevin Smith.

Smith, who is directing the episode entitled "Bunker Hill", took to Twitter Sunday to remind fans of the upcoming episode and in addition to confirming a couple of things that we already know thanks to previews, photos, and the official episode synopsis -- namely Nia (Nicole Maines) manifesting her powers and Manchester Black's (David Ajala) continued hunt for Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) -- there is apparently a huge twist we won't see coming.

"TONIGHT! I get the credit for 'directing' the newest episode of @TheCWSupergirl, from a script co-written by Super scribe @erictcarrasco! Nia manifests her power! Manchester Black hunts Agent Liberty! And wait 'til you see what happens to the Maiden of Might in the shock ending!" Smith writes.

The idea of "Bunker Hill" having a shock ending isn't exactly a "shock", if you will. Midseason finales tend to have some sort of twist or reveal that gives fans a tantalizing mystery to ponder while shows take a few weeks off. That said, there are a number of variables that could factor into what Smith is describing for Supergirl (Melissa Benoist).

For starters, there's the Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) situation. While Kara and Lena are best friends, Supergirl and Lena do not have the best relationship and it's something that is likely to be even further strained now that Lena is leaning into her Luthor ties a bit more. Last week saw Lena run her first human trial of her Harun-El Protocol in an attempt to make humans "super". While she was able to collect some data from the experiment, her subject died within minutes leaving Lena even deeper in her dark feelings. It's not impossible that Lena's experiment will be discovered or, possibly equally as difficult, Lena may find out that Supergirl is really Kara -- and that her best friend has been lying to her for years.

"I don't think it would be a Kryptonian story without stories like that," Benoist said during a recent visit to Supergirl's Vancouver set. "That's just the nature of Clark Kent and Kara Danvers that they have to toe that line. That was the decision Kara made at the end of last season, the end of season three, that she wanted to embrace her life, messy as it could be with two identities, she didn't have to choose. So I think she's always going to be juggling both of those things."

There's also the possibility that the shock ending involves something we've only seen the barest bits of thus far this season: Kara's Siberian counterpart. At the end of the season three finale, Supergirl used a Legion of Super-Heroes ring to travel back in time, after a battle with Reign (Odette Annable) turned surprisingly deadly. Once she'd traveled back in time, Kara separated Sam and Reign from each other, ultimately "killing" Reign. At the end of the episode, dark energy from the Harun-El was sent to Siberia and produced an alternate version of Kara who arrived at a military base. That "Red Daughter" story, which takes cues from DC Comics' "Red Son" Superman story as well as "Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton", may start to pick up at the end of the episode, setting the stage for it to really take off during the back half of the season.

Whatever the episode entails, Smith has previously been very clear that in his perspective, fans are in for a treat with what he described during a recent podcast episode of something he's never seen anything like before.

"There's some cool sh-t in it, too," Smith said. "The fifth act of those shows, The CW shows, that's generally where the big thing happens, aka where they spend the most money. And so, in act five of this episode we have a sequence where they spent a lot of money that I've never seen in anything before and I can't take credit for it, I'm not like 'I f-cking did it' because the visual effects company, they're going to accomplish it. We shot little pieces of it and stuff, but it's a kind of cool concept that I never thought of. As the guy who was like I want to make a movie, my first movie, I guess I'll set it here at a convenience store cause this is easy, and I work here and sh-t like, never imagined they'd hand me a script with like 'make her do this' and I was like holy sh-t."

What do you think the shock ending will be? Let us know your best theories in the comments!

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. "Bunker Hill" will air on December 2nd.