Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: The Secret Origin of Acrata Revealed in "Confidence Women"

supergirl confidence women recap
(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

On Supergirl, the mysteries just keep getting deeper. Leviathan, while not yet a well-known threat to the titular heroine and her allies, still looms large especially after last week's reveal that Andrea Rojas (Julie Gonzalo) is somehow connected to the mysterious figure or organization that Lex Luthor was also connected to. Then, there's also the mystery of what Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) is up to -- though Lena's machinations are a mystery only to the people who see her as a friend. Audiences well know by now that Lena is trying to "better" humanity by preventing them from hurting or lying to each other. Then, there's what Andrea is really up to with Obsidian North. Tonight, we may get just a bit more in the way of answers to those mysteries as Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) try to get answers from a new villain at the DEO -- but what will they really find out? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap to know more.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Supergirl, "Confidence Women," below.

The episode opens with Rip Roar at the DEO. They've called in William to try to reach Russell -- the man who became Rip Roar. They're hoping to find out who he is working for but they can't really remove the technology strapped to him so the Truth Seeker can't work. About that time the DEO is infiltrated by a shadowy villain who is clearly after Rip Roar. The villain gets away, but it turns out to be Andrea. We've just met Acrata.

Andrea then shows up at Lena's seeking her help to break into the DEO. She reveals to Lena that she knows who is behind the tidal wave, that she works for them, but that she can't reveal who this is because they will kill her. They also want her to kill Rip Roar, but she doesn't want to do that. She wants Lena's help to get to Rip Roar and appeals to their friendship. Lena says they aren't friends. But they used to be.

Flashback, 15 years ago at boarding school. They bond over being ditched by their parents and end up at a party where they continue to bond over underage drinking and movies and a mutual love of Titanic. Little Lena also tells Andrea a story about the Medallion of Acrata, something her mother had been obsessed with.

Another flashback, this time Metropolis five years ago. Lena is with Lex where he reveals his plans for Luthor Corps and he essentially fires Lena for not helping him kill Superman. In her home, Andrea finds out that her father has to sell off the majority of Obsidian because competitors are beating them at every turn. She and Lena meet, and Lena reveals she's found the one thing Lex needs to kill Superman and plans to stop him by getting to it first -- turns out it's connected to the Medallion of Acrata.

They go on their quest. Andrea falls into a hidden pit and is approached by an old man in the pit and is recruited by Leviathan. If she takes the Medallion, they will save her father. Reluctantly, Andrea does so and is instructed to keep it on her always and someday Leviathan will call on her. Lena makes it into the pit just then, but finds the Medallion gone and is devastated. Later, Andrea looks at the Medallion when she gets news that Lord's technology fails prompting Obsidian to succeed.

Four years ago, Lex is arrested, and Lena goes to London with her boyfriend Jack Spheer (Rahul Kohli) and reconnects with Andrea only to see her wearing a necklace of the Medallion. Lena realizes her friend took it and it ends their friendship because of Andrea's betrayal. As time progresses, Lena, obsessed with stopping Lex and doing something good drives her to leave Jack so that she can go to National City and redeem the Luthor name. Elsewhere, Andrea has a drink with Russell. It's their meet cute. We continue to move through time and witness the beginning of Lena and Kara's friendship and the evolution of Andrea and Russell's relationship, but Leviathan shows up and drafts Andrea into service, making her kill someone for them or they'll ensure her father's suicide. She's instructed to use the Medallion and it turns her into Acrata. She kills the man as instructed.


Russell finds the Medallion while Andrea showers and Leviathan shows up. To save his life, Andrea convinces Leviathan to bring him in and while she watches, they turn him into Rip Roar. We advance in time to Lex revealing Supergirl's identity to Lena and it brings Andrea and Lena back into contact as Lena decides to use Andrea as part of her plan to get at Kara by getting Andrea to buy CatCo. In the present, Andrea opens up to her about the Medallion and shows her how it works. Lena agrees to help her. At the DEO, Rip Roar tells Supergirl about Leviathan.

Lena stages an emergency for Supergirl, incepts the DEO and Acrata gets in. Supergirl arrives but Acrata takes Rip Roar. At Lena's, Lena demands the Medallion from Andrea. She incepts Russell and uses that to force Andrea to give her the Medallion. Supergirl shares the name Leviathan with the team and Kara tells William Rip Roar got away. Elsewhere, Leviathan kills Russell and tells Andrea she can never escape the darkness. Lena has the Medallion translated: Leviathan.