Killer Frost Faces a Grim Fate in New The Flash Promo

The CW has released a promo for the eighth episode of The Flash's seventh season and while we don't know what the episode's title is, we do know that the episode will see Killer Frost (Caitlin Panabaker) face the music -- and potentially a grim fate -- for her past misdeeds. The idea that Frost would have to deal with her past is something that the series has been setting up most of this season thus far, though fans will have a short wait to see how things work out. The episode is set to air on The CW on Tuesday, May 4th.

In this week's episode, "Growing Pains", a new ice villain, Mark Stevens/Chillblaine (Jon Cor) framed Frost for a brutal crime -- specifically a murder that he committed in furtherance of stealing a specific piece of technology that would give him cold powers. While Frost was able to prove that Chillblaine was the real killer, the Governor's liaison, Kristen Kramer (Carmen Moore) continued to be out to get Frost -- including bringing charges against her and putting out an award for her arrest. Ultimately, Frost decided to face her past misdeeds and not only turned herself in but pled guilty, leaving her fate in the hands of the judge.

Based on how things look in the preview, that fate may not be a good one. In the preview, which you can check out above, it seems like the state will be going for Frost's powers to be fully removed -- something that could potentially kill Frost, who only recently split from Caitlin to be her own person and has been trying to establish a life for herself separate from her "sister". If this is the end for Frost, it could have major implications for Team Flash. Not only has the team already suffered some big losses this season, but with the new Forces – Still, Strength, and Sage – offering up one of the biggest challenges they've ever faced, being down another team member will make things even more difficult.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. The series will return from a brief hiatus on May 4th.


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