The Flash Casts Shadowhunters Star as New Ice Villain in Season 7

There will be a chilly new villain for Team Flash to contend with when The CW's The Flash returns for Season 7. According to TVLine, former Shadowhunters actor Jon Cor has been cast as Mark Stevens/Chillblaine in a recurring role for the upcoming season. The announcement gives The Flash fans their first taste of what new threats Central City's heroes will face, presumably after the season wraps up the storylines left unfinished from Season 6 due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

According to the official character description, "Scientist Mark Stevens is a charismatic bad boy obsessed with cryogenic technology. But when he's not breaking into corporate safes, he's busy breaking hearts with his irresistible charm and roguish style. Armed with his own cold weapons, he'll become a new thorn in the side of Team Flash as the DC Comics villain Chillblaine." Viewers may best recognize Cor from his role as Hodge Starkweather on Shadowhunters. He has also appeared on Being Erica, Being Human, Dark Matter, and Lost in Space.

In comics, there have technically been several iterations of Chillblaine, partners of Lisa Snart/Golden Glider who she supplies with a replica of her brother Leonard Snart/Captain Cold's Cold Gun. The last iteration of Chillblaine ends up killing Lisa before he himself is killed by Captain Cold in retaliation. While Chillblaine is so connected with Lisa in comics, there do not appear to be any plans for Peyton List -- who played Lisa Snart in the first season of The Flash -- to return.

While Chillblaine is going to be a new villain for The CW Arrowverse series, during The Flash's presentation at the virtual CCXP in Brazil last year, series star Danielle Nicolet told fans that "bad guy favorites" will be paying a visit during the upcoming season.

"You know we’re not allowed to tell you secrets about the season. But I will say I think it's a reasonable assumption that, yeah we always have time travel, on some level, happening," Nicolet said. "I mean, I can tell you this, there are going to be some favorites from the past, some bad guys favorites that may be paying a visit or two this season so I'll leave it up to you to speculate on how they’re going to get to us."

Fans are already expecting to see one very specific "bad guy favorite": Godspeed.


"I don't like spoilers let's just say there was a certain speedster who wore a white costume, whose clones kept showing up," showrunner Eric Wallace teased previously. "Really, Team Flash has to deal with that, but we never caught the real guy or girl. Let's just say we might find out that mystery this season."

The Flash will return on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, on The CW.