The Suicide Squad Star Jai Courtney Wants a Captain Boomerang Show for HBO Max

Warner Bros. has been on a bit of a hot streak with their DC Comics properties as of late, with their last two films being a critical success. The Batman did pretty fairly at the box office, passing over $700 million, and The Suicide Squad was a definite hit on HBO Max. Even though The Suicide Squad was a bit of a soft reboot of the franchise, it still featured a ton of characters/actors from the first film like Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and even Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). Captain Boomerang meets his demise during the film's opening sequence, but the actor who plays the character would love to do a Captain Boomerang spin-off series on HBO Max. While speaking with for his new series, The Terminal List, Courtney revealed that not only would he like to do a spin-off focusing on the character, he already has some ideas.

"Look, I don't know. The sort of TV streaming realm right now is really exciting and I think exploring something like that, you know, longer format and giving it a little more space would be really cool," Courtney said. "I kind of have some ideas around that, you know, which I think would work for a character like [Captain] Boomerang because he's so much fun. I think it'd be really cool to get into some backstory stuff and the nature of how he falls in the DC world, you know?"

"I doubt wherever, you know, particularly now, I doubt there's any plans for a standalone film, but yeah, man. I mean, that'd be cool. He's one of those roles that I would love to just kind of be able to do again and again. It's like so much fun and probably a little too easy for me in a way. But I think there's tremendous potential for enjoyment with something like that and we could really push the kind of boundaries of what's possible. So, listen, just waiting on the call from Warner Brothers. I mean, if they want me to throw that jacket on again. I'll be more than happy to oblige." The Suicide Squad star added.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics followed The Suicide Squad with a spin-off series based on the film's Peacemaker character that was played by John Cena. After the series had a successful first season on HBO Max, director James Gunn moved on to filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and he recently wrapped. Gunn previously revealed that he will more than likely focus on Peacemaker's second season as well as other DC Comics projects. The director recently said as much in a recent interview with Variety. So, you can expect Gunn's tenure with Warner Bros. and the DCEU to continue for the foreseeable future.

"I think I pretty much have decided that after I'm done with Guardians, I'm going to be doing television for at least a year. My mind's made up on that," Gunn confirmed with Variety. "Not all the shows that we're dealing with are things that I'm going to be writing and directing, so some of them may take different amounts of my time. Peacemaker is going to be me writing, me directing, and spending all my time on set. But other shows that may not be writing and directing or not directing all the episodes."  

The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker season one are now streaming on HBO Max! 

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